Shiseido Benefique Hot Cleansing is a unique makeup remover

We got some samples of Benefique Hot Cleansing, a gel makeup remover.

Note by Cherry

I also used this and took some photos, but the quality is not enough to upload. I may upload the review later after we got again.

Yes, I have no plan to obtain full bottle. I often wear waterproof makeup, and it does not work well to remove. And warming sensation is not lovely, in person.

Anyway, this product is not my preference. All I need is simply remove my makeup perfectly, and do not harm. I use oils or creams for removing my makeup.

As Hazelnuts of Philippines is saying below, this product is for the person who wears light makeup.

Review by Hazelnuts

We gave one for Hazelnuts of Philippines. Let’s see how she felt.
Benefique Hot Cleanser 1

Cherry sent me a sample of the Shiseido Benefique Hot Cleansing and these are my thoughts regarding this unique product.

A “warming” cleanser is rather unusual for me because it’s my first time to try this kind of product. According to the Benefique website, it’s a deep cleansing, warming makeup remover that removes impurities from inside of the pores for clean and smooth skin.It has a “Thermal Cleansing Formulation” which closely adheres to the skin and opens up the pores to deeply cleanse the face.

The product is colorless and has a gel-like texture. A small amount is needed to cleanse the face and warm water is also recommended to rinse it off.

I tried this and I felt a warming sensation as I massaged the gel on my skin. I wore light makeup that day so I was curious as to whether this cleanser will remove the makeup completely.

Benefique Hot Cleanser 2

As I massaged it further, the warming sensation felt nice, and the gel-like texture felt like water to my skin. However, I didn’t feel that it was cleansing my face thoroughly, probably because the gel-like texture felt thin and watery, unlike the cleansing oils and thicker facial washes I often use. I guess I wasn’t used to it, texture-wise, so I had to add a bit more just to see if there’s a difference. It still felt the same and I rinsed everything with warm water.

My face felt smooth and there was no makeup residue left behind. But then I’m completely used to the texture of cleansing oil that emulsifies and turns milky-white, and turning completely clear when rinsed off. I’m rather biased in my opinion but I guess it would take a bit more time for me to get used to this kind of cleanser.

If you used a warming cleanser before this is a good choice, or if you like a product that feels light and non-sticky, then this cleanser is for you.

Thank you, Hazelnuts!

We have no plan to deal this product regularly. If you want to buy a full bottle, please feel free to ask us, we are going to do a custom order. Please do not forget to tell us the quantity and the country where we ship to.