Suqqu Face Protector 50 Advanced has the perfume, and that is not for me

I (Cherry) got a sample of Suqqu Face Protector 50 Advanced. Let me share with you my personal review.

Unlike other sunscreens, this color is pink, I wish you can see its color.

But on my arm, it turns to white, the typical “sunscreen”.

SUQQU advanced

You will see the color difference on the upper of the picture.

This product is not oily but smooth, actually, I pretty like its texture. But there is a big problem that it contains alcohol/ ethanol, and perfume, if you are reading my personal reviews, you will find I am not always fine with the items containing alcohol/ ethanol. I am familiar with the scent of SUQQU, but this perfume is not welcomed as the sunscreen.

My skin condition is better (as the season of Spring Fever) , but I never say my skin condition is perfect.  Fortunately there are no sting by this sunscreen. It is a good point.

The sunscreen effect of SPF50・PA++++ is fair to use. There are no waterproof effect, and it may be up to the people.

In person, I choose ADDICTION Skin Protector, what has no perfume, and do not turn my skin white. These 2 factors are not acceptable for me, but SUQQU Face Protector 50 Advanced is also nice, it is less greasy than ADDICTION, and I felt my skin was well moisturized for whole a day. Guess it may be nice for the person who does not care about the perfume, and do not wear foundation.

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