Cosme Decorte Face Powder

Recently I use Face Powders, and my current is Cosme Decorte Face Powder, which was called “Cosme Decorte AQMW Face Powder”, previously. It sometimes changes the name, but it keeps good reputation.

CD face powder 80

I’d better to keep my other powders to show you, this Face Powder is with tons of quite small glitters. To be honest, I have used some powders, but they are mostly without glitters, it was shocking. But I remind that Guerlain Meteorites has also glitters. If you like face powders with glitters, this Cosme Decorte Face Powder is my suggestion.

Anyway, my #80. This #80 is with good reputation since AQMW Face Powder, and used to be the most ordered shade.

CD face powder

It is a soften pink face powder. In my eyes, it has lots of glitters, but setting it, I do not feel it is too much glitters, but I admit it HAS glitters.

Sometimes I feel my face is drying with using some face powders, even they insist it is “gentle” or “keep your face moisturised”. Fortunately, there are no such dryness.

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