Lunasol Eyecoloration is with glitters

I have used some Lunasol quad eyeshadows before.

In AW2019, Kanebo is started reforming the brand of Lunasol. Package design is changed, and price zone is also changed.

I was a kind of excited to buy Lunasol Eye Coloration, the new quad eyeshadow. Originally, Lunasol is quite good at “beige” to “brown” the color is fitting to daily use for office workers (including a kind of national department).

See this new one, Eye Coloration #02 Deep Rose Quartz. There are still Beige-Brown colors, but with pink.

Lunasol eyecoloration 02

Here is my swatch.

Lunasol eyecoloration 02


The pink is vivid pink. and the beige-brown factor is with big glitters.


The darkest color, maybe for the eyeliner is too dark.

I just reminded Addiction The eyeshadow, especially “marriage”. Indeed that one is already went to other person. What still I keep is #085 Shanghai Breakfast.

Eyecoloration addiction

You may see how Lunasol is including the glitters. They are much smaller than Addiction’s, but too much for my use, in person.

Indeed, for me the glitters are not nice to use, but I know many loves this quite small glitters.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Lunasol Quad Eyeshadows.