Do not forget blush!

Hi! It’s Cherry again.

I know most of you, the audience are much good at makeup than me, but I also know some of you are looking for something to “good” for your freckles, but never try to makeup.

Sometimes people misunderstand “natural makeup” as simple makeup. No, it is the most hardest one. You need foundation primer, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, highlighter, lip, lip liner, lip primer etc. Surprised?

If you do not surprise, this article is not for you. This article is for the person who surprised to know you misunderstood what “natural makeup ” means.

Simply, “natural makeup” means emphasis your beauty naturally. It also meaning hiding your problem parts etc.

In this time, what I wanna tell you about is blush. We Japanese often call as “Cheek”, so sometimes you will find “xxxx Cheeks” or something in Japanese cosmetics. They are blushes.

It is true that I found super easy who is Japanese when I travel abroad. We Japanese often use blushes a lot. Some of we often look like cockatiels, in bad meaning. Indeed, cockatiels are cute birds, aren’t they? I know some are using blushes ridiculously, you should not to apply like them.

Now, I have a problem on my left cheek, what is there are some red spots I afraid of they are coming to freckles. It is really sad to see, and I do not show them even people do not care about.


Yeah, this one. Because my skin condition is not pretty good, I do not want to wear full coverage foundations. I prefer light coverage or just powder foundations only. Oh, according to my dermatologist, powders itself have sunscreen effect, if I have pretty bad condition, I should not wear sunscreens, and powders are enough.

It is the next day of I took the picture above.


Because my skin conditions was not pretty good, I applied Lancome Blanc Foundation (powder one, which is discontinued in 2015) . You may see mu skin is still not smooth, but can you see where is the red parts? I show you both my bare and makeup picture, you may see where they are, and darker freckles are not hidden. But when it is our first time to see, or first time to see in this few years, I suppose you would not recognize I am hesitating to go outside because of the red part.

This is the power of makeup. And you would see a little bit pinkish my cheeks are. How do you feel with seeing? Yeah, it is still bad condition, but it is better than my bare picture, isn’t it?

I used blush. This duo brush is by RMK Makeup Kit B (for the year of 2014).

I used both #1 &# 2. #2 can be a highlighter or something, #1 is the very blush, not strong color. When I applied too much, it is good to not being a cockatiel. Because of my skin color, Orange is pretty good to hide those problem on my skin. If you are pale, maybe pink (especially bluish pink) will be better for you.

Still I wanna make my smooth & flawless skin return! It is hard to do that, but I can pretend as if I have less freckles with makeup!

Please do not forget wearing blushes when you wanna hide your problems on your skin! I do not think the blush what I got from RMK Makeup Kit B is the very same with RMK’s regular items.  If you have interest on blushes, there are some suggestions on affordable price: RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N, ADDICTION Blush, THREE Color Veil for Cheeks.