Albion Excia Lips

In AW2021, Albion changed their point makeups.

I got samples of their lipsticks, let me share how I felt.

There are 3 lipsticks;

  • Albion Excia Rouge Nubuck #RD301
  • Albion Excia Rouge Reflet #RD300
  • Albion Rouge Fraiche #RD301

First of all, I have no interest on lips by Albion. They use perfume, and under this situation, we need to wear masks, and it never changes within next few years. I really dislike their artificial and strong perfume what never leave in my mask.

Swatch on arm, and how I felt

Recently, the trend on lipsticks seem to go towards matte and vivid colors, Nubuck is matte type, Reflet is natural to glow type, Fraiche is soft & glow type.

excia rouges

I need to describe that there are both Nubuck and Fraiche are the same color number of #RD301. It looks not the same color zone, in my eyes too.

I also need to note that I often pealed by matte lipsticks, I have no interest on matte lipsticks and Albion lipsticks, and no worth to wear. I need to wear something lip primers to wear matte lips. See how shades changes with primers + this Rouge Nubuck #RD301. The primers are NARS After Glow Lip Balm.

Nars lip balm

It turns the shade to different color, and the finish is matte to glow.

Fraiche #RD301

My first wearing is Fraiche #RD301, that is so smooth and nice texture to me. I wear more than 30 mins — it is pretty enough for knowing whether it is harmful or not, and it did not peal my lips. This product is the most soft one, when I was pealed my lips by this product, i would not try Reflet.

Also, the color is the very for my favorite. I am so disappointed this perfume, I felt as if I ate soap.

Reflet #RD300

Next, and probably my final try is Reflet #RD300.

I felt it is slightly sheer than Fraiche, but the color is too pink for my preference.

Sadly, even my condition is good, after my 30 mis wearing, I found my lips were pealed.

Also the soap kind perfume is unacceptable.

I did & do know Albion lips are not for me, but it is not meaning they are always bad for you. I really dislike this perfume, but there are many people they like this perfume.

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