Albion Excia AL Stay Perfect Lift Emulsion is matte to natural finish foundation

Note: Albion had discontinued this product now.

At the season of AW2020, Albion changed a formula of one of their Emulsion foundation, Excia AL Lifting Emulsion Moist to Stay Perfect Lift Emulsion.

I got a sample of new foundation, the shade is #NA201, one of the standard shades for Japanese.

Coverage, finish and lasting

It is fixed to make my skin a little bit smoother look. But frankly to say, this type of foundation is not full coverage as Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation, this may be described as middle coverage.

Just smooth look.

For me, this is matte to natural finish. But when my face was oilier, this foundation worked a little bit glow.

This Foundation keeps my skin pretty moist, and I could keep beautiful condition from morning to evening. If you do not sweat so much it lasts longer, I am sure.

If you could not be satisfied with this covering, please apply foundation primers with covering effects, or concealers, or this foundation heavier layer.

I guess there are no pretty big difference from the previous formula. Lift? hmm, maybe no…

This foundation itself is great, but there is one problem. Yes perfume. No floral, yet I prefer no perfumed foundations.

Lasting is modest. But please remember I sweat really a lot, it means super easy to be running my makeup away! So, it can be not bad for if you do not sweat a lot.

Shade of #NA201 in Albion

I just checked the samples what I have in #NA201. I found a Powder foundation, Albion Excia AL Powder Foundation Extreme.

Albion Excia foundation

The original shade of Powder Foundation Extreme is one tone darker than the Emulsion, but in blending, there are no big significant difference in those two.

I am going to swatch when I get another samples.

General Review

Here is a swatch with current Stay Perfect Lift #NA201 and previous Lifting Emulsion Moist #NA201.

Excia foundation swatch

I could not take better shot than it!

I hope you can see the difference. I my eyes, the previous Lifting Emulsion side is more yellow and lighter than the current Stay Perfect side. They are in the same shade group, but not perfectly the same.

Here is the swatch of #NA211.

Excia NA211 swatch

In #NA211, previous Lifting Emulsion side is slightly darker than current Stay Perfect Lift. and Stay Perfect Lift is slightly more yellow, they are not perfectly the same shades, indeed guess they are in the same shade zone.


With SUQQU The Cream Foundation.

excia SUQQU swatch 1

You may see I often say Albion is more pinkish than other brands.

suqqu albion

But comparing with SUQQU #120, it is quite similar to #NA211.

When it expires?

This kind of foundation is called as “emulsion”. How to say…creamy, and much easier to carry than liquid or cream foundations. This product is for normal to dry skin.

Emulsion foundations are easy to be dry, according to one of the BCs of Albion, when you keep the foundation in better condition (neither dry, nor too hot), you can use this foundation more than 2 years. It is the most important factor that keeping the sponge clean. Yet she recommends use your foundation ASAP.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Excia Foundations.