Fancl Deep Clear Washing Powder

I am a big fan of Fancl, and I repeat it for my routine.

However, their washing powder in current formula might be for those who much younger or much oilier than myself, I do not repeat that. Also, few years ago, I felt enzyme washings are too strong for me.

In SS2019, they released Deep Clear Washing Powder, and I bought it with hesitating.

It is getting hotter, and I need something let me feel refresh. I decided to use this. The black color is from charcoal, there are some charcoal face washes, for pore cleaners.

In one box, there are 30 small capsules, and use at all of one capsule each of your washing.

Fancl deep clear

I decided to a foaming net to use, but you may be able to  foam enough fluffy with using your hands and water only, guess warm water is better.

The foam is pretty thick and fluffy, and fortunately I do not think my face is too tight.

I often walk for my good health for more than one hour when my shipping and obsession. It is quite good physical exercise. It is getting hotter, and after my return, I sweat really a lot. I need something let me feel refresh! My face is dirty by sunscreen, foundations, some makeups, and sweat.

I use this face wash after my return, to let me feel refreshed.

I do not feel it is good for my makeup remover, and I use makeup removers at my night washes. I also do not know whether it is so much good for my pore cleansing.

Guess it is nice to use when you are travelling. It is not liquid nor paste, you are able to bring this face wash into planes without paying so much attention. However I admit that it is not looks like typical face washes, I worry about the officers may ask you what this is. Tell them it is a powder soap, if they need to proof, open a package and add water to make bubble.

Also, the good point is, you are able to dispose the capsules at hotels (also do not dispose if you are travelling at top of the mountains or remote islands, you have to bring it back to home).

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Fancl Pore Care Products