Ignis Sunny Sour Soap

In SS2020, Albion changed the whole line of Ignis.

Previously, there were Ignis Sunny Sour Duo Soap, and the current is Ignis Sunny Sour Soap, what is a paste face wash. I got a sample of it, let me share with you how I felt.

The foam is yellow colored. Also I felt it is a little bit harder paste than I had expected.

ignis sunny sour wash

The loyal audiences may remember how I like perfume-less skincares. I have to admit Albion (Ignis is under Albion)  contains stronger perfumes, and this face wash does also contain a little bit stronger citrus scent.

Ignis sunny foam

When I added water drops to make a whip, it took few seconds to be mixed with water. The foam itself is light, and this quantity is not enough for wash my whole of my face.

I was hesitated to use this product because seemed the ” Sunny Sour” line is for oilier skin, and my current skin condition is drier than used to be. Fortunately afterward of rinsing this Ignis Sunny Sour Soap, I didn’t feel anything tight or irritation.

Please check the latest price and order from here; Ignis Sunny Sour Line.