Cosme Decorte Pytotune Tuner (medicated)

Cosme Decorte Pytotune Tuner is a medicated lotion.

I bought a kit of Pytotune Softener ER, and this Tuner is a small trial bottle.

The brightening factor is interestingly Tranexamic acid, what is more fit to me than Kojic acid , in person.

Let me share how I feel.

Cosme Decorte lotion

The lotion itself is a half-transparent liquid.

The scent is the same with the Pytotune Emulsion.

This Tranexamic acid, lotion moisturised my skin well. There are no irritation for me, but it is not quite unique product to motivate to buy the big bottle.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Cosme Decorte Pytotune Whitening Line”.