Ignis Whitening Essence (medicated)

In April 2020, Albion changed the whole formula of Ignis.

Here is a sample of new product, Ignis Whitening Essence.

In Ignis, there are two “Whitening Essence”, one is this “Ignis Whitening Essence” and the other is “Ignis Whitening Premium Essence”.

It is the difference of Ignis Whitening line and Ignis Whitening Premium line that is Whitening Premium line is for bringing you supple skin.

In Ignis Whitening Essence, please place your Albion/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte 4 steps skincare method’s the 4th step. If you are not familiar with the method, please see this article: Albion Skin Care Method

Ignis Whitening Essence

I am feeling the scent of Ignis Whitening Essence is a little bit different from Ignis Whitening Premium Essence. Both are in the same category, but I am feeling this Whitening Essence is more herbal and I remind the scent of mugwort what this Ignis Whitening and Ignis Whitening Premium line is focusing on.

The texture is a little bit lighter than Whitening Premium Essence, I feel. Indeed this is by Albion. I do not say this is not oily. If you are an oil prone, please keep your steps away from Albin/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte line.

Fortunately, there are no stinging nor any irritation with using this Ignis Whitening Essence.

This essence is a medicated product, for brightening. The brightening factor is L Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside. On the view point of brightening, hmm I can not say.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Ignis Whitening Line