Ignis Whitening Premium Essence (medicated)

In April 2020, Albion changed the whole formula of Ignis. There are no Ignis VQ line anymore, but there are Ignis Whitening Premium line.

Today, I tell you my experience with Ignis Whitening Premium Essence.

This is a brightening essence, withL Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside.

I am feeling the scent of this new Ignis Whitening Premium is the similar or categorised the same scent with Ignis VQ line.

This Ignis Whitening Premium Essence must be the final step of the Albion/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte 4 steps skin care method. If you are not familiar with the method, please see also here: Albion Skin Care Method

Originally, there were Ignis VQ Vital Switch, it was a runny essence. I had used that product in small size.

Here is the texture of this new Premium Essence.

Ignis premium essence

In VQ Vital Switch was a non-transparent liquid, I wanted to categorise it as a “lotion”. In this new Premium Essence, this is a typical serum.

As I had noted I felt quite small stinging with VQ Vital Switch, it was gone quickly. To be honest, my skin condition is not perfect. I was hesitated to use this new Ignis line. I chose Fancl FDR line (for sensitive skin) and used Whitening Premium Essence in the final step.

Lucky, do not feel anything irritation.

On my face, my skin is still drier, but getting a little bit oilier, as the temperature is rising. I am feeling this essence is a little bit oilier.

I had noted the VQ Vital Switch was runny, but turned to a little bit sticky on my face. I felt it was not for brightening, but it was for bringing more supple skin.

The BC of Albion told me that “Ignis Whitening Premium” is for bringing supple skin with brightening, and “Ignis Whitening” is not. It can be the same with difference between Albion Infinesse (supple) and Albion Exage.

Anyway, I felt it is too much with using oily milks/ emulsions by Albion/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte in Summer for me. In Winter, it may be good idea. I also got a sample of Ignis Whitening Essence, it was a little bit lighter than this Ignis Whitening Premium Essence. See also: Ignis Whitening Essence

Also the brightening effect, hmm, I am using few samples, I can not say anything.

Pleas check the latest price, and order from here:  Ignis Whitening Premium Line