Introduce of new JPY Branch

We are starting new project:

Especially for Asian, Russian, German, and Italian, we are running JPY Branch. The price is by Japanese Yen, shipping cost is calculated by weight. Of course we accepted the order from North America, Europe, and Australia.

We enjoyed JPY Branch, but unfortunately the store system will rise up the transaction fee. We have to rise up the price extra 10% to pay for that store system, and it is unacceptable. We thought it is the time to go to new stage.

We bought a new domain, which is only for the JPY Branch, and found a new store system. We have to rise up the price few percents, but we promise it is not like 10%. 1-5 %.

We are switching items few by few.

On new store, we are dealing items by Japanese Yen, and shipping cost is also calculated by weight. And of course it is running by the same team.

And we can accept your order on, until 10th of Dec. If you have a plan to order us on Dec, and the items are in, please visit and order us. We can deal still the same price until 10th of Dec.

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