Personal Review of Awake Mineral Cool Cleanse

Awake is one of the most ordered skincare brands for us too.

I (Cherry) got a sample of Awake Mineral Cool Cleanse, a makeup remover. Let me share with my review of this product.

I like cleansing oil as makeup removers, which are so easy to remove my makeup.  But I know some would say it would make my skin drier. Maybe it is true.

This Awake makeup remover is not cleansing oil. This is a creamy makeup remover, and not pretty oily.

Its perfume is like peppermint, and I love this smell. So cool and fresh scent. Peppermint? yes… I like its smell, but sometimes I feel something annoying stinger to lips and eye lines by peppermints.

Anyway, try to remove my makeup.

Foundation Primer; Lunasol Control Base
Foundation; Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation OC-02
Eyeshadows: SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow momoawayuki
Lip: Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips
Mascara: Facio
Blush: Lunasol limited for Summer 2013
Eyeliner: Coffret D’or Black Keep Liner WP

At the first touch…

Hmm, not pretty good…

I wiped and wiped..

Hmm. Of course I could removed all of them wish washing my face with my daily face wash, with mild water. I would like to remove my makeup ASAP.

See what was reminded. Black letters which are written by Coffret D’or. And the black band is Facio’s Mascara. Both of they are waterproof items. See, others are removed pretty well.

If you are looking for gentle makeup remover, and as long as you are not using waterproof items, this is not bad for you.

And back to the peppermint thing. I applied on my face. Yes, I got a stinger on my lips and eye lines. I LOVE this smell of peppermint, but if you have problem with peppermints like me, I strongly recommend do not use it.

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