Personal Review of Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips

This is one of the items from Lunasol Summer Kit (2013). I did totally forget to update about this lips!

Because this is a limited kit’s items, there are double lips; Liquid Lips and Gloss.

Let me show show you with comparing Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss A EX-03, from Lunasol Party Coffret 2013.

From the top to the bottom, Gloss, Liquid Lips, and Full Glamour Gloss A EX-03. Because of the strong sunshine, the liquid lips is a kind of  fluorescence orange, but it is actually a coral orange.

When I compare Liquid Lips to Full Glamour Gloss, the Liquid Lips feels sticky. And the color of this Liquid Lips is more clear.

There are pretty small elegant glitter in this Liquid Lips. This Coral Orange color is often called as “Blood Color” in Japan. This is designed for Summer, but I like make my face more healthy in Winter. I like both this Liquid Lips, and the Full Glamour Gloss. The Full Glamour Gloss is for my daily use, and the Liquid Lips is for the dark and cold day.

This Gloss is different from Full Glamour Gloss. You can use this Full Glamour Gloss alone. But when you apply this gloss only, there are less color on your lips. You can use this gloss on the liquid lips, but that is not my style. I feel that is too much. If I would have matte lip sticks, I could make the matte one shining with applying this on the matte one. I do not have matte one, they peels my lips.

Are you interested in this product? Unfortunately, all of Lunasol’s Party Coffret 2013 have been sold. Next summer a new Lunasol Kit will be available and during our pre-order period you can order here; “Limited & Seasonal“.

Foundation Primer; Lunasol Control Base
Foundation; Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation