Personal Review of Allie Long Keep Gel (2013)

I (Cherry) have done with both Allie Moisture Gel and Anessa Perfect Gel Sunscreen.

My next sunscreen (for body) is Allie Long Keep Gel.


Unfortunately, this 25g tube seems to be already sold out for this season. But, the 60g tube is still available! Let me show you the application on my hands.

It’s a cream, yellow-white color – the same as the Allie Moisture Gel.

See here, spread into the skin.

It does leave the slightest white cast on my skin, so it may be something to be aware of for those with darker skin tones.

Actually, when I apply the Allie Moisture Gel on my face, I feel a small stinging sensation (probably because of the greater alcohol content), but this Long Keep Gel doesn’t have a pain sensation at all, which is great. It’s also designed as a foundation primer and has a lovely texture to use on its own or under a foundation.

This product is not waterproof, just water resistant. And because of that, this Long Keep Gel is less resilient to sweat, when compared to the Moisture Gel. I do I recommend reapplying this sunscreen if you do sweat a lot and be out in the sun.

Some sunscreens are perfumed, some are not, and this Long Keep Gel claims that there isn’t a scent. From what I can remember, the Allie Moisture Gel had a typical Japanese sunscreen smell. It didn’t have a scent. Although, keep in mind that I’ve only tried Japanese sunscreens, I’ve rarely tried any others. I’ve also tried the RMK UV Face Protector, but I really disliked the chemical and alcohol scent of that sunscreen. Also, I dislike cheap perfume fragrances, like that of the Anessa Perfect Gel Sunscreen. But, I feel that this Long Keep Gel has a minimal perfume or scent. It doesn’t have a strong smell and it’s pleasant to use.

Bottom line: It’s a nice sunscreen to use. It smooths into the skin really well and it doesn’t have that sticky residue that higher SPF sunscreens tend to have. It also has little to no perfume, which is great. It also goes wonderfully under foundation.

(Proofread by V)

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