Awake Mineral Black removes pretty well with clean scent!

There are some brands whose signature item is face soaps.
I guess Awake is one of those brands.

Abstract: This is for oily-combination skin (like Hazelnuts), and not for dry skin (like Cherry).

Review by Cherry

I bought Awake Mineral Black, their famous face wash soap.


Please let me review this soap.

Scent of Cypress

When I opened the box, I found there is a package.

You may see “with cypress aroma”, and it is so true that I found the scent of cypress from this package. Yes, from this package 😀

I am not a big fun of fragranced cosmetics, it is really up to the scent, I prefer the smell of essential oils. Cypress. hmm, sometimes I feel it is too much, the other time I feel it is nice.


Rich foam, but too strong for me 🙁

I used a foaming net to make a foam.

It is nice to see this rich foam.

I washed my face, and I felt it was really good at removing my dirt.

Sometimes I wear foundation primer and powder foundation only, and I felt it removed those my quite light makeup too.

I liked it, but to be honest, I need to admit this face wash is too strong for my current skin. It is early of Autumn in here, it is humid and sunny, but it is getting colder and drier day by day, week by week. My skin is getting quite sensitive when this “season is changing”. It may be I am a predisposition to be allergic, it is “dangerous” to get Asthma these days.

It would be nice when I would use it mid of July to early of August, the most hot and humid days in Japan, and my skin is trouble less in those days 🙁

I decided to use this to wash my body 🙂

What Japanese reviewers are saying

According to Awake, this “black” is by high-grade charcoal of paulownia. It removes dirt on your face. Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, I found it removed well, even their black pores, but keep their skin well moisturized.

I found it rarely, but I found there are, it is too strong and some got rough skin. If you feel that, my recommend is it will be good to wash your body 🙂

Unique way to remove their dirt in the black pore

I found some are using in quite unique way.

Take the foam of this soap, and put it on their nose and keep few mins — foam pack. It is good for their black pores, as they said. What a brave! seems they are oily skin, and this soap is not so much strong product for them.

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Review by Hazelnuts

There was a sample size soap, I gave it to Hazelnuts of Philippines, who really loves soaps.

See how she felt.

We used to have the brand Awake here in the Philippines, but unfortunately it was pulled out several years ago . I heard good things about their makeup line, though I have not tried them personally. Now it’s my first time to try their skincare products. Let me start with the Awake Mineral Black Soap.

This is a sample size so it’s small, but it’s enough for several uses.

This soap lathers quite nicely. Comparing the foam to Penelopi Moon, this one seems “softer.”

Also, unlike Penelopi Moon, I can use it without foaming net. Sometimes I only rub it until it makes a paste/light foam, and then wash my face with it.

I love the cypress scent. It’s so relaxing I inhale it every time I wash my face. My sister commented it smells like men’s cologne, slightly masculine perhaps, but I don’t mind. It smells and feels very clean.

I think that because of charcoal, this soap is quite good in cleansing my oily skin. After washing, my face is not quite moist, but it doesn’t feel tight either. It feels clean and refreshed. I like to use it at night, to remove makeup remover residue and sunblock, because of the clean feeling and soothing aroma.

It would be good to note that this soap is also soft and can melt easily.

So I recommend storing it properly in a dry soap dish.

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Thank you Hazelnuts!

I did not feel it is easy to melt, I guess it is because I used it within one week or some to wash my body (I really like with rich and rich foam to wash my body :D). Just checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, it is true that they say it is easy to melt, as Hazelnuts said.

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