We deal Astalift products (but not for my preference).

Astalift is by Fuji Film.

I describe everything as I know in this article, please do not ask me about the quality/ how I felt etc on this brand.

This brand is not for me, but it is not meaning as promised bad for you.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta (formula of 2015) what is not for me

I (Cherry) had crush of my skin in this Spring, and as I had mentioned, it was while I used Astalift, whole line. My dermatologist never mentioned it is because of my changing cosmetics to Astalift, and according to her, it often happen to people, super dry and sunny season of early Spring. What happened is what happen, and I do not check whether it is because of Astalift, or which product of Astalift harmed me, or… just I used wrong season.

As I had told you, there are no perfect cosmetics for all the people.

Anyway, I had no plan to spare budget for Astalift again, but checking items in the drugstores, I found this box.
astalift Jelly Aquarista
I knew Astalift changed their famous Jelly Aquarysta, and seemed they are selling the sample box on physical stores only (makers often change items each of the sales channels). It was not cheap, but I could share with this with not only girls behind me, but also customers in Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box! This is the reason why we chose it.

Let me share with this.

The Way to use

The way to use: apply this Jelly Aquarysta every morning and night, just after your face wash.

Let me show you on my palm. You may guess this is just a gel or something, but It was almost melting on my palm, because after I took it on my palm, my camera was shut down automatically, I needed to re-start it.

Seemed it was not easy to see, let me show you on my back hand. This is not a full quantity of one sample pack. It was really few quantity, and I touched it few times.

Astalift Back Hand

After applying this. I guess you may see my back hand is a little bit shinny. After using this, my skin is smooth, and far from sticky. It is far from oily product.

This red color is by astaxanthin, what is good for anti-aging, according to the maker.


On my face, I felt my face line is a little bit lifting up. Oh! But some could fell uncomfortable it is unnatural. I used Fancl Active Conditioning Basic Lotion & Emulsion #02 Moist, after this. To be honest, it was easier to “pour” Fancl to my face than Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV, what is also the item of “apply before your lotion, just after your face wash”. (See also Albion Skin Care Method).

For me, so far, there are no sting. It was the first day.

It happened on the third day

The second day, I used it day & night, and there are no problem. The third morning, I found problem on my mirror. There are no pain, but there quite small rashes whole of my face. What happened? I just remind my face just before my crush. Those days, my skin condition was better, but one day it turned to QUITE bad, it was the very the sand castle is collapsing down. It is the same!

I used Fancl’s basic line for more than a decade, and this new formula of Fancl Active Conditioning Basic Lotion & Emulsion for more than 2 weeks, and Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV is for 6 months. They are no problem so far. And Awake Vital Express is new for me too, but using it for 2 weeks, and I am feeling it is working better on my red part of my cheeks. I feel really moody and my skin condition is bad just before my period, just PMS. But it will take for almost 2 weeks to get next one. I used this product with my recent routine, and it was good condition. I felt my skin is getting really better.

Should I take photo of me? ah. it can make me moody… I wanna keep myself as a happy girl! You know, I wanted to take photo of me to show you how my red part are getting better with using Awake Vital Express! Oh no. I was forced to back to few months ago, I found how bad my skin condition was!

One possibility is I am an allergic. It can be an allergic reaction for something.

I say again, there are no perfect cosmetics for all the people. I also guess, when it is bad for me, it is not always meaning it is also bad for you. I have a sensitive skin.

I am sending mails for the people who bought Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box, Oct 2015, to let them know what happened to me. Seems none of the packages are not delivered to the customers yet.

Checking reviews

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, this is the first month of this new formula, and it is enough to know enough reactions, some says: it is really supple skin! moist pretty well! This formula is much better than previous!

Generally there are good reputation, and finally I could find someone got sting when she was on the period. Checking the review for previous formula with picking bad reviews, seems there are some people got rush, pimples, itchy etc. And seeing that, it often happened the second day or the third day.

It can be really good for some, but for the other it can work really bad. Seems I am too sensitive to use.

I wondered whether we are keep dealing this or not, we keep doing, because seeing there are people who really love this product and brand. Even it is bad for me, it is not always meaning bad for you.

Fourth day

After I stop using Astalift, there are no rushes in my face. It is not smooth…

I had written everything what happened to me

It is EVERYTHING what I experienced with this product, and there are no plan to check what ingredients acted bad for me. It may be just waste of my time and money. If you can pay for me to do that , it is not pretty much expensive, just USD5,000,000,000 or something,  I will glad to find the place to know, and check to show you 🙂 Thank you!

Seems I need to tell you what helped my skin getting better last time.

I say again, there are no perfect products for all the person. For me, Astalift is not for me.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Astalift Line.

Astalift D-UV Clear White Solution

Astalift is not my choice, but one of a friend of mine is repeating this D-UV Clear White Solution (Sunscreen/ Foundation Primer), few tubes. It has good reputation, and I asked her to let me try to show you, and fortunately she allowed me to do.

The right end is bigger, but it is due to the lends distortion.

The unique point is the cap. Please see the picture in right is purple cap, and left is white cap. It is due to the righting. The left is window side, and right is in mid of the room. When they catch Ultraviolet ray, it turns purple.

This sunscreen has SPF 50+, PA++++ effect. This is great, and seems this is neither waterproof nor water resistance, but it is enough for daily use, I am sure.

Let me spread this on my arm. Here is swatch with Albion EXCIA AL Whitening Radiant Glow Serum. This is so soft, or some people will say runny. It is light texture and easy to spread.

I feel Excia serum is more pinkish than this Astalift. The shade of Astalift is beige-pink.

Excia Astalift

Both charges my skin shade torn slightly. It is not a color tuner/ controler.

Because I have bad experience with Astalift Jelly Aqualysta long ago, I didn’t applied it on my face.

As a friend of mine, it is really right texture, and satisfied with the coverage. For her, it is a perfect product as the quality and the price.

I felt there is slight perfume in Astalift, but I don’t remember it is the same with Jelly Aquarysta. It was gone really quickly, anyway.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Astalift Line.