Chicca Mesmeric Lip Line Stick is fit to Normcore :)

I (Cherry) bought my new makeup, Chicca Mesmeric Lip Line Stick.

Chicca Lip Line stick

The color is #02 Pink Denim. This color was sold out pretty soon when it was released.

Chicca 02 Pink Denim

The shape is so unique.

Chicca Mesmeric Lip Line

Chicca mesmetic lip line stick 02

Swatch on my arm.

Chicca Mesmeric Lip Line Stick

From top to bottom, Narrow side, wide side, and the corner.

It looks matte, but sheer. In reality it’s not as matte as shown in the picture.

According to Chicca, this lip liner/ lip stick/ lip primer gives “pseudo full lips.” I guess it means that you can make your lips naturally beautifull, as “Normcore.”

Even if it’s just lipstick, it works well as lip liner, so it may work well for those who want a 2-in-1 product. Simply fill in your lips with color and draw your lip.

When I applied this on my lips, I felt that the color was a bit sheer, but that it was good with my lip glosses.

My lips often peeled when I use lipsticks, but I have not experienced this with Chicca Mesmeric Lip Stick. So far, my lips are in good condition while using this, and I do not have to worry about having chapped lips. It applies smoothly and evenly, and the color is pretty and flattering. Another great point of Chicca lips is that it is unscented, as scents can sometimes be irritating.

Overall it’s a good lipstick and I love them!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Chicca Makeup for lips