Personal Review of Cosme Decorte AQMW Crystal Liquid

I (Cherry) got a sample bottle of Cosme Decorte AQMW Crystal Liquid.
Take this toner on cotton and wipe your face softly. According to Lukin, an American girl, in the States, there are less soft cottons we Japanese have. We recommend to order us Albion Cotton 5 packs set too.

This toner is a keratin care product. Some keratin care products are with AHA, but there are no AHA. If you have problem with AHAs, do not worry with using.

OK. Let me show you.
AQMW Crystal Liquid
This toner is not runny. I guess it is not “Liquid” but “Gel”. No sticky. After wiping my face, usually I do not see dark.

So, I wiped my face without washing 😀
Can you see some dirt? They say this toner remove your keratin, but it may be up to you.

For me, I liked it. No stinger, no pealing. After using Crystal Liquid, I do my daily routine skin care. Are they easier to pouring things?? I don’t know.

It including the scent of Sandalwoods, and I love it.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, some welcomed this really a lot. But you may want to know those who felt this is not pretty good: The scent is a little bit strong. I found one hate this. If you do not like the perfume of Sandalwood, all of AQMW is not for you. Other said this made her skin drier. Hmm. This product is a pre-lotion/ toner. I guess you need applying your lotion and emulsion a lot.

Totally to say, if you wanna remove your keratin gently, and if you like the scent of Sandalwood, why don’t you try it? 🙂

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