IPSA Powder Foundation is a long lasting!

I got a sample of IPSA Powder Foundation, new for SS2016.


The shade is #101, the standard shade for Japanese.

My primer was Albion Excia AL Clearly White Serum MX

Ipsa Powder

Let me blend. Can you see it? It is too fixed to my skin 😀

IPSA Brend

In my eyes, it is a little bit darker than my arm. After I blended on my arm, I found it can be near to Elegance Sheer Flawless Skin #NA201. There were still some are left, I also blended it on upper.

IPSA Swatch Elegance

Can you see? Hmm.

In my eyes, Elegance #NA201 is much pale than IPSA #101. Elegance is less Ochre than IPSA.

After I took this picture, there are no plan to show you makeup or makeup remover, I just washed my arm with Fancl FDR AC Washing Cream.

They are just a powder foundation, and when my skin is so sensitive, I just apply powder foundations without primers, and do not use particular makeup removers. I just remove by my face wash.

But I could not remove IPSA by AC Washing Cream. I could do that Elegance, just for your information!

According to IPSA, this powder foundation is strong for sweat. It can be. And it was true that it last long — half of the day when I walked the hot and super hid city of Hong Kong in Aug 😀

There are no perfume. There is one bad point. It is only SPF25 PA+++, too weak… However “powder” itself has sunscreen effect, and as long as using sunscreens as primer, it may be enough.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “IPSA Powder Foundation”, or order in Japanese Yen? Visit our JPY Branch!