Kanebo Allie Extra UV Protector Whitening N doesn’t make feel drying up at all afterwards

I (Cherry) asked Sarah of Hong Kong to review Kanebo Allie Extra UV Protector Whitening N. As of Feb 2016, there are no information about the new formula of Allie sunscreens. They often change the formula or package on March. I guess they will keep this formula for 2016 too.

Sarah Says

As a person who doesn’t do make-up and uses only basic skincare, I’m particularly cautious about the choice of sunscreen because I think sunscreen always takes moisture away from my face (though I don’t know why, my hunch is that it’s about a particular chemical common in sunscreen).

But Allie Extra UV Protector Whitening N is simply unbeatable. The texture is so pleasingly silky, making it very easy to apply. The best thing of course is that my skin doesn’t feel drying up at all afterwards, which is a typical feeling I have with ALL the other sunscreens. It just feels as if I hadn’t put it on. It’s even perfect for dry weather.

That said, I have no idea about its sunscreen function- I don’t really check or compare my freckles before/after. Too lazy.


Thank you Sarah!


Note by Cherry

This sunscreen is a waterproof. Seems it is good for dry season for Sarah, but I guess this may be also good for hot season (I know it is next of the corner for you in HK!).

They are insisting brightening effect or something, but… we are not sure 😛

As I had mentioned, there are no information about whether they keep this formula or not. I guess they will. Please let us upload on March.

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