Kanebo Twany Century The Soap is gentle face wash for dry skin

I(Cherry) got a sample of Kanebo Twany Century The Soap, a face wash.

Let me share with my review.

They recommends to use 2 cm to use.

Add water to make bubble. It was really easy to make, the bubble is so soft.

Twany Century

In person, and my preference, 2cm is too much. I may use 1 cm or 1.5 cm.

The perfume is unique, sweet floral, maybe rose, and not so strong.

Some Japanese reviewers say their face turned brighten or soften, but I did not feel that.

I felt it wash well, but my skin afterward was not too dry. Nice product. I guess this is a gently face wash. I guess this is not for oily skin, I think it is adrable for dry skin (like me).

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