The Face Wash for young skin; The Body Shop Tea Tree

I (Cherry) was asked by some young people about face wash, I would like to tell you my personal face wash history.

I used Biore in my highschool days. They rarely change the formula, and I liked their formula by latest change. In here Japan, they have switched that product not for highschool kids, but for late 20s-30s, namyly Biore is always with my generation. The latest product itself is good, but I dislike the perfume.

Anyhow, after Biore, I find Fancl, but between Biore and Fancl, I used The Body Shop’s items.
First is “Tea Tree”. None told me I have lots of acne, but I hated any of acne on my skin.


Since my days, they have already changed the formula. It was a bar soap, what I used often, but I could not find. I liked the perfume, and I felt quite refresh, I used the bar soap for my body too, even after I had switched my face wash to Fancl. But to be honest, I do not know whether I could keep my skin less acne to use it, and I think it was too strong for my face. I remember I felt my skin is quite dry after this product. Anyhow, this product is for oily skin. I do not recommend this product for dry skin or even combination skin.


Secondly, I used Tea Tree’s Scrub wash. Seems this product is almost the same one.

I do not recommend to use this item everyday, I recommend it for 2-3 times per a week, or less. Scrubs remove your dirt, but they also scrape against your skin. I liked the perfume, and as I remember, the scrub was soft scrub not scratch acne (honestly speaking, it is just as I remember, I am not quite sure about recent formula).