Personal Review of ADDICTION Foundation Primer

I (Cherry) got a sample of ADDICTION Primer. Let me show you this product on my arm.

I have not asked directly, but sometimes I see some people visit us under the searching keywords like “why primer” or “should foundation primer?” or “what is Japanese make up base” or related.

We Japanese girls use “Base”, it is pretty hard to find such things in the States for me. I changed terms as “foundation primer”, some beauty consultants understood what I was meaning. I mean the items before foundation. Some are with sunscreen effects, the other are with pore shrinker effects etc. Talking with Korean girls, they mixed foundation primers and color controls. Color controllers are also using for before foundation, but for me, they are for pin-point using. Of course, there are some foundation primers which have color controlling effects. Anyway, please choose as what kind of skin you want to be looked.

Actually, this product is SPF20 PA++, it is not so strong. I recommend to use sunscreens too when you use it at Summer. Generally speaking, the best points of this product are no perfume, and no pain on my skin. They are quite important for me, in person.

The foundation is Sofina Primavista, formula of 2008 or 2009. I do not want to apply it on my face, but it is enough good to show you like this, I am sure!

OK, please see the right picture. red pointers are showing the gap of applied and not, the blue is showing the gap of with this ADDICTION Foundation Primer or not; upper is applied, lower is not.

I am not sure that you can see the difference in this picture or not. Actually, lower (no primer) is more matte, and upper (with primer) is more natural. The biggest different point is when you use primers, it is not easy to deteriorate.


With ADDICTION Dewy Glow Foundation.


In this time, you will see significant difference. Upper (with primer) is tinted, and lower (without primer) is more natural. This tinted effect is make your face skin even—I mean not skin torn, but pore kind thing. Other review of this foundation is described under “Personal Review of ADDICTION Tinted Moisturizer”.

Please check the latest price, and order this primer from here “ADDICTION Primer“. Or visit our JPY Branch.