Personal Review of Albion INFINESSE MOISTURE MILK IA

We chose Albion Infinesse Trial Set IA as our Japanese Girls’s Beauty Box: Feb 2015.
In this time, we are going to show you my (Cherry’s) personal review of its “milk”

Albion is famous as its unique method: wash, milk, lotion, and extra items. In other brands, this “milk” is called as “emulsion”. Like Fancl, there are some not oily emulsions, but Albion’s milks are oily.

The reason why they recommend to use their milk first, originally it means removing all of makeup removers or something left from your face. So, they recommend to use cotton to wipe your face softly. But I use face wash after my makeup remover, I need both water and oil. According to Albion, their milk is the same balance with ideal skin water/ oil balance. I do not hate applying their milk on my washed face.

Sometimes I feel stinger with those items, but usually I have no need to worry with Albion items. I have to admit when I feel my skin is having something problem, I run to Fancl. I can feel my skin has enough moist and oil, and comfortable.

I went to one night two days weekend vacation. As you know it is so dry in hotel rooms. I often wake up with super dried face. I need spend long time to recovering my skin. In this time, I brought this milk, and I applied this milk again at night. I did quite heavy layer!!! At morning, I found my face is oilier. As long as there are no pimples, that is much better than drier skin.

There are one problem with Albion. Yes, perfume… 🙁

To be honest, I can not compare milks of Albion’s Exage, Exage White, Infinesse White, Excia AL, and Excia AL White now, excluding the perfume.

I asked a girl who goes to obtain Albion products often to ask some milk samples to the store. I may write comparing review soon!

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