THREE Concentrate Emulsion with Sandalwood scent

THREE Concentrate Emulsion

It is getting colder and drier in here Japan. I (Cherry) have already done with Suqqu Repair Essence as my emulsion/ milky lotion. Let me (Cherry) share with my emulsion/ milky lotion which I use recently; THREE Concentrate Emulsion which is almost done now.

Actually I wanted to try THREE Balancing, but I also got a news of THREE is changing Balancing line. I was a little bit hurry, because SUQQU was almost done, so, I chose Concentrate Emulsion.

THREE Concentrate

This is a big bottle. I am afraid that using it on summer. Seems I can use this bottle for 3-4 mouths. Actually I have done with Suqqu Repair Essence for 3 months. It was good for me I did not feel it gotten bad condition. Unlike Suqqu, THREE is famous as their natural origin. Sometimes those natural items are easy to get bad condition.

THREE Concentrate

This is just a white emulsion. This item is designed for using after your lotion.

I dislike oily emulsions. Recently I checked my oil and water balance, I have pretty good water in my skin, but quite few oil level. Ahh. I dislike oily things (there are no big reasons, just I dislike them), this behavior made my skin no oil. Ah.

I pretty like this emulsion, because this emulsion is not pretty much oil, for me, after applying this item, I feel it is good balance of oil and water.  But I have to admit my behavior makes my skin oil less, I should better to add cosmetic oils. THREE or Albion.

This emulsion has perfume. As I have described many times, I dislike perfumed items. But in case of THREE’s skincare items. I LOVE their scent. Balancing line is containing the smell of Rosemary and Orange, they might be from the essential oil. This Concentrate line also has the smell of Rosemary. I do not feel Orange, but I felt Sandalwood, and just checked, yes, they contain the essential oil of Rosemary and Sandalwood. This smell is from those essential oils.

I have to aware you that THREE insists this concentrate line is not for pregnant people. If you are planning to have babies, please do not use this line. Please go to their Balancing Line.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “THREE Concentrate Emulsion“. Or visit our JPY Branch!