THREE Cleansing Foam is gentle than the Balancing Foam, I felt

In SS2018, THREE had released new skin care line “THREE”, and I bought its trial kit. Today, we show you the face wash, “THREE Cleansing Foam”.

The scent is Laurel Oil & Frankincense Oil as the THREE Cleansing Oil. It also makes me feel relaxed.

Here is the foam I had earned.

THREE foam

It is melting rich foam, but softener than I had expected.

Afterward of rinsing by water, I felt my skin is… a little bit tight. In this time, I did not used any of the makeup removers, it was super casual day my makeup was powders and primers what can be removed by face washes.

It was a little bit disappointed, because THREE Balancing Foam is too strong for my current skin condition (as the season, it is not pretty bad). And they claims this line of “THREE” is for drier or sensitive skin. I had thought it could be extra gentle finish.

Indeed I also admit this face wash is not pretty much stronger than Balancing, I may use it in Summer.

As the face wash itself, it clarified my daily dirt and super light makeup really gently.

Totally to say, this THREE Cleansing Foam is not pretty much gentle, but it can be enough when in Summer. And it is good at removal my light makeup.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “THREE”.