THREE Lyrical Lip Bloom is easy to run out, I use as a blush

THREE Lyrical Lip Bloom is new for SS2018.

THREE Lyrical Lip Bloom

It is not a lip gloss, but a liquid lip.


Let me show you a swatch on my arm. Simply the first stroke, the second stroke, and the third stroke.

03 energy point

On my lip, it does not peal nor make drier my lips.

Sheer finish, if you want

If you want, you can make its finish as sheer and no shining.

Let me show you, one stroke on my arm, the same colour, #03 Energy point.

Tapped with my finger to spread, see how it is sheer and less shining.

Three sheer

Yes, you can use it as a liquid blush too 🙂

I had bought Three’s liquid lip & blush, Epic Mini Dash, it is also wonderful liquid blush, indeed I never want it to use on my lips, it can be peal my lips. Guess it is not designed way to use this Lyrical Lip Bloom as a blush, but I found it is nice to be a blush too.

As I often say, you can use them as you want :))

Lasting is not fair…

It is my new favourite.

Indeed there is one bad point. It is really easy to run out.

You know, I did not eat not drink for one hour, it was only one hour, I found the lips are going to the edge of my lips, and the inside was almost empty.


If you do not mind to apply at least once ah hour, this is not bad.


I may use this as a blush 😀

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One of the lady who is working for us bought #01 Movement Feel. Kindly she allowed me to show you the color, I was urgent to do, I could not swatch with my own #03 Energy Point.

Momement feel

This color is salmon pink/ pink beige.

three lyrical bloom

Pointed few, It is easy to use as a blush.

When I add it more by my finger, it is semi-matte, good for lip.

Here are cute differences of the heavier layer and thin layer.

When it is thin, it is super sheer. Rarely see on my lips, but as a blush, it is pretty.

sheer finish THREE

A little bit heavier layer, it is not radiant like glosses, but pretty.

glow finish THREE

This is beautiful, but sadly it is easy to get running out.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:THREE Lips.