Albion Excia AL FLUID FOUNDATION RS is sheer, but covers well

I got a sample of new Albion Excia AL FLUID FOUNDATION RS. They had discontinued previous formula on 2014 or something as my remember, and for SS2018, it returned.

Surprisingly the sample shade is #OC111.

Excia foundation shade is pinkish, and for myself is mid of #OC101 and #OC111. Even in this time I got the shade of #OC111, it does not meaning they are producing #OC111 in other Excia foundations, or we can give you this fluid samples with or without your purchase of Albion products. We can promise nothing for samples.

Anyway the foundation review.

oc111 on arm

The texture is the very “liquid foundation”.

In SS2018, there are many liquid/ fliod foundations, they are mostly sheer foundations. It was disappointed in person SUQQU new liquid foundation does not cover anything.

The BC of Albion told me that this new foundation is sheer and less covering. If you want to cover, my recommend is Emulsion foundation for this season.

Indeed, probably after SUQQU, I found this foundation is light, sheer, and natural finish with less glow / radiant. Good! This is the very what I was looking for!

Let me show you the picture of blend.

OC111 blend

For this fluid foundation, they set Whitening Radiant Glow Serum. Upper is with this serum, and lower is naked. Guess it covers well with the primer, and fair without primers.

When it is the foundation only, there are less glow. Indeed with the “glow primer”, there are something glow or brighten.

It is not easy to see how it covers.

On my face, it covers naturally my problem of uneven skin torn, it does not emphasize my pores.

I did feel neither it is too rich nor dry. It is light and my skin is well balanced.

The lasting is better than THREE Angelic Foundation. Guess it is fair, I am sure.

Totally to say, I liked this foundation pretty much. Light texture, keeps my face well balanced, sheer and natural finish, less glow, naturally covering, and lasting is fair. I have tested three foundations new for SS2018, THREE, SUQQU and this Albion. On the view point of quality, this Albion Albion Excia AL FLUID FOUNDATION RS is the best. But I wonder wether I will buy or not. Yes, the scent of “Excia foundations”. I have not bought Albion foundations for myself, due to the perfume. The quality is superb, but the smelling is not pretty nice.

Please check the latest price, and find your shade from here: Albion Excia AL  Foundations