Awake Put On A Happy Face Tinted Moisturizer

Awake changed all of the formula in 2018.
We often asked by repeat & new customers about Awake’s old products, but that’s impossible.

As of August 2018, this Awake Put On A Happy Face Tinted Moisturizer is only the foundation they are selling now. I got samples, please let me review for it.

I know “Moisturizer” name makes misread-able for some audiences, I do not write particular names, but I agree, it sounds like simply moisturizing your skin condition. Awake says this “Moisturizer” is a CC cream, I am not so much sure about the difference between BB cream and CC cream, do not ask me, I can not answer. Anyway, they claims this “Moisturizer” is a foundation/ foundation primer for keep moisturizing your skin condition with glow and pore covering.

There are only two shades, 01 and 02. They give me both of the shades, let me swatch it too.

awake moisturizer

Surprisingly I felt faint scent when I opened the package, the Cypress scent what Awake had focused in the previous formula. I did not like the scent of Cypress, but it was unexpected scent in “foundation”. It was faint, and it gone quickly.

Awake put on a happy face

Due to they claim this is good for the foundation primer too, I used it without applying primers on my arm. Can you see the difference between these two drops? Probably difficult. In my eyes, they are significantly different, #02 is darker, but I could not show the difference on the picture.

Can you see the difference on the two lines below? Probably you may feel #02 is slightly dark.

In my eyes #02 is significantly dark…

In blending, guess you can see the difference between #02 and #01! For my arm, #01 is too light and #02 is too dark.

On my face, it is the very mid of the summer, I am slightly tanned, #02 is near to my face shade.

Seeing on my arm, both quickly coming to “powdery matte”, neither glow nor sheer. On my face pores (it is the mid of hot summer, my pore is opened) are not hidden, it emphasised my pores.

Using this foundation alone — too dry

Due to the Cypress scent, it reminded me the previous formula of Awake, their skin care products are tended stronger for my skin, even when I felt my skin condition is better. I was a little bit scared to use this Awake product on my face, but fortunately I did not feel anything sting with this Awake Put On A Happy Face Tinted Moisturizer. Indeed I did not feel it keeps moisturized condition, I felt it made my face a little bit drier. Imagine when you use foundations what makes your face drier, you may see many wrinkles, it is the very what I saw. It is the very hot summer, I am using air conditioner whole a day, the outside is humid (drier than Taiwan or Hong Kong, as I know!), but it is drier in inside. Impossible to use.

Probably it is due to the “organic cotton powder” as the ingredients for the pore covering. Another reason I can imagine is the strong sunscreen effect of “SPF50+, PA++++”.

The lasting is not bad, but I think it is not for me, those who has dry skin. If you want to use something “foundations” with strong sunscreen effect, my recommend is RMK UV Liquid Foundation.

Guess I should better to use it with other primers.

I may swatch with other products later.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Awake Foundation