Cosme Decorte The Powder Foundation

AW2018, Cosme Decorte released new foundation, “The Powder Foundation” and “The Liquid Foundation” (they are the name pf products). They are quite welcomed in here.

Finally I got a sample of The Powder Foundation #302, the standard shade.

Please let me compare with The Liquid Foundation.

Shade Swatch

After I had set with the Complete Flat Primer, I applied these foundations.

CD foundations swatch

The shade itself looks nothing big different in the picture above, and also in my eyes.

With blending, the shades are almost the same, both in the picture below and in my eyes.

cd foundation blend

Actually this #302 is the very my inner arm shade, not pretty easy to see the foundations :D. And seems The Liquid side looks more matte, and The Powder side looks more sheer, but it can be the difference of the nature of the liquid foundation and the powder foundation.

Anyway, in Cosme Decorte The Powder Foundation Β and the Liquid Foundation, the shades may be fitting in the numbers almost the perfectly.

With Excia and RMK

After setting by Cosme Decorte Complete Flat Primer, there are powder foundations I have now. Excia AL Powder Foundation Extreme #NA201, this Cosme Decorte #302 and RMK Airy Powder Foundation #102.

cosme decorte swatch

You know they are THE VERY Japanese standard shades, and THE VERY for mine πŸ˜€

#NA201 is a little bit pinkish, and I admit Excia foundations are a little bit pinkish. RMK Airy Powder Foundation is more yellow. Among these three foundations, this Cosme Decorte #302 is the very mine.

Let me show you the blended.

foundation blend

πŸ˜€ Can you see the difference? Probably no.

In my eyes, Excia is the most coverage among three, and also the most matte. RMK has quite small glitters (I never say it is bad), and sheer. This Cosme Decorte the Powder Foundation is middle of Excia and RMK.

The Coverage and Lasting

I think the coverage is sheer to middle. The finish is sheer. There are some powder foundations what emphasis my pores. Excia covered my pores, and RMK is not bad.

This Cosme Decorte covered well πŸ™‚

The scent of this Cosme Decorte is much weaker than Excia.

This Cosme Decorte keep my face well moisturised, and I can not say it works in drier season or not now — still it is late Summer.

The lasting is better than I had expected, at least, it is much better than The Liquid Foundation.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: β€œCosme Decorte The Powder Foundation”, or order in JPY Branch.