Ignis Moist Cleansing Cream

Albion changed whole line of Ignis in SS2020 & AW2020.

Ignis Moist Cleansing Cream is a makeup remover. We strongly recommend to use your daily face wash, afterward of using this product.

Albion always contains perfume, and originally, I dislike items with artificial perfume, but basically I like Ignis’s. I am feeling it is the same scent with Albion White line, released on SS2020.

Here is a swatch of my using.

The texture is not quite soft, but it can be due to the temperature.

What I applied on my arms are;

Ignis moist cleansing

Just after I wiped softly, it does not do anything even for the powders. When I wiped few times gently, many are removed, but waterproof products of eyeliner and mascara are left. But it removed completely.

As a cleanser/ make-up remover, this cream works very well! It was pretty easy to remove your make up even waterproof mascaras.

When I use it on my face, I feel it is slightly greasy with rinsing by warm water. I always use my face wash, after this makeup remover. Also I feel it is well moisturised, afterward of washing.

Also, I am feeling the current formula of Ignis makeup removers are not in jar, but tubes. It is good hygiene, I am sure.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Ignis Moist Line