Ignis Moisturizing Premium Milk

Albion changed the whole line of Ignis in 2020. Ignis Moisturizing Premium Milk is new for AW2020.

I got samples, let me share you how I felt.

General review for Ignis Moisturizing Premium Milk

The scent is the same with Ignis Whitening/ Premium Whitening line.

Unlike Ignis Whitening Premium Milk, this Moisturizing Premium Milk is not for medicated product.

The texture is a little bit harder, but it can be due to it is the most cold season and lowest temperature in my area.

Also, my current skin condition is not perfect, drier and drier (due to the season). I need oil and water.

Generally to say, this milk makes my skin well moisturised.

Albion says this milk pulls your face line up, but I did not feel that.


Comparing with Albion Excia Radiance Renew Extra Rich Milk

Albion Excia Radiance Renew Milk is also new for AW2020. To be honest, I like the scent of current Excia more than Ignis.

Ignis moisturizing premium milk

There are a whole sample package of Ignis, and 3 pushes of Excia. Total 6 pushes, and it is enough for my dry skin in once!

I felt both are good to moisturize my skin. I felt it is almost the same mins to be smoother. Indeed there are slightly difference that I feel Excia side is slightly oilier than Ignis side. I should better to compare this Ignis Moisturizing Premium Milk with Excia Radiance Renew RICH milk, but I have neither the full bottle nor samples.

When you like Ignis Moisturizing Premium Milk, guess you have no need to pay more for the Excia milk. When you feel this Ignis Moisturizing Premium Milk is not enough, I can not say Excia is try worth, because there are not quite big difference. I recommend to use this Ignis Milk with more quantity.

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