Personal Review of Fancl Brilliant Synergy Kit

I (Cherry) bought this Fancl Brilliant Synergy Kit for myself.

Inside are

・BC Beauty Concentrate 9ml
・Massage Clear Pack 10g×3
・Concentrate Eye Mask 2×3
・Balancing Oil Drops 12
・Pouch H105×W130×D130mm / Face Paper (Please choose one)

Face Paper

I chose Face Paper. I doubt you understand what “Face Paper” is.It is the right above.
This one.

There are thin papers on there.

Put this paper on your face.

Can you see the “oil” on paper? My skin is getting drier, and it is already dry season, there are less oil to see. When your foundation is running, you can put this paper on your face and stop running so quickly.

There are rose perfume, seems from rose essence, this is more natural smell, and I like it too.

I guess this is much better than pouch.

Fancl Massage Clear Pack

Fancl Massage Clear Pack is one of the products in Fancl Brilliant Synergy Kit.
There are three tubes, and please use at one tube once.
There are yellow small seeds in white cream.

You may see well when I spread on my hand.

This white gel cream has no perfume, and I liked to massaging my skin with this cream. This cream is not oily products.

When I am massaging, the yellow seeds are disappearing. The gel cream fits my skin pretty well, and when I rinse, yes, this cream fits well but so easy to remove just rinse. I found my skin is getting more moist. It is so nice. I wish it would be a regular item.

Balancing Oil Drops

This is no eligible. I cut its neck by my nail, and apply on my hand to wrap my face by hands. This oil drop is made by Olive, Jojoba etc. I do not translate all of the oils. I used other cosmetic oils like RMK or THREE, this oil drop is not pretty much smooth. It is not so quickly penetrating on my skin, but it is not sticking product. I just reminded using 100% Olive oils. I like it, but if you like more smooth product, this is not for you.

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