Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation is middle coverage and natural finish foundation

Review by Hazelnuts

Here is my review for the Lunasol Water Cream Foundation.

This has been around for quite some time, and the formula boasts of about 60% water content for translucent, beautiful skin.It’s my first time trying it though, and I have high hopes for it, because I love Lunasol products, especially their powder foundation.

I would describe the texture of this foundation as creamy. It’s not watery and it sticks fairly well to my hand as you can see in the picture. When I apply this, it spreads easily on the skin and it feels lightweight, but there is a considerable amount of pigment in it, which covers skin imperfections really well. It doesn’t cake, and does not settle on dry patches. It feels very smooth.The coverage is a comfortable medium for me. It does not feel oily or particularly moisturizing on me, and I don’t need to set it with powder. The finish is once again, creamy and flawless. OC02 is a bit dark on my skintone but the neutral shade is a good balance so it still matches my skin.

Wear time is about 6-7 hours and fading is minimal. I like the coverage of this one, it gives a flawless look without looking overdone. this is a solid product from Lunasol and I feel it can work for a variety of skin types. For very dry or oily skin a primer would help in terms of application and staying power.

Review by Cherry

I (Cherry) obtained a sample of Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation. Let me share with you my personal review.

The color is OC-02, one of the standard color for Japanese skin.
I like using Lunasol foundations, because the color of YO-02 is the very for my face.

I had mentioned about the difference between liquid foundations and cream/ creamy foundations before.
See also: The difference between liquid and cream foundations

Simply to say, liquid foundations are runny, and cream/ creamy foundations are a little bit harder. The tendency is that cream is oilier and more full coverage than liquid.

This foundation is cream foundation.

Before I applying this foundation, I used Lunasol Control Base. Please remember my skin is not perfect even skin torn.

Lunasol oil foundation
I guess you may find this is nor runny.

Creamy foundations are sometimes oily and covering freckles or spots so good. If you have dry skin with uneven skin torn, my recommend is cream foundation. But this foundation is a little bit different from other cream/ creamy foundations.

When I spread this on my arm, I found this is not pretty much oily product. This is not runny, it is so soft to spread on my skin. Truly “watery”.

In this second picture, you will see my uneven skin torn well.

Sorry! My arm is looked like a bird! It was a cold day.

The color of #OC-02 is fixing to my arm. See, my uneven skin torn was cleared. But frankly to say, on my face, I found some of my spots and scar marks. I felt this is middle coverage and natural finish.  And if you have no freckles, it will makes your skin more smooth and beautiful.

But if you are trying to make your face perfectly even skin torn, like dolls, I guess this is not for you.  This is not full coverage foundation.

For such person like you who are looking for full coverage foundations , my recommend are  SUQQU Frame Fix Creamy Foundation N(See also Cherry’s Personal Review of SUQQU Frame Fix Creamy Foundation N ) or Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation (See Cherry’s Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation), they are so often ordered.

Those SUQQU and Albion Excia AL cream foundations are a little bit oily product. They are great foundations, but when it is warmer, I feel they are “heavy”, aka too oily for me, who is easy to sweat. But in this Lunasol Cream foundation, I felt as if I had been not makeup. For me, this is far from oily product, but keeping my skin moist.

To be honest, I dislike the square shaped jars (not pretty much easy to use the end. How are you taking the corner?? Am I wired person? I LOVE to use things till the end, and I feel they are not good hygiene ).

If you are looking for not pretty much oily, but keeping your skin moist, and middle coverage with natural finish, try this foundation 🙂

Please check the color, the latest price, and order from here: Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation. Wanna buy in Japanese Yen?? Visit our JPY Branch!