POLA diem couleur Color Blend Foundation Glow

I bought a set of POLA diem couleur Color Blend Foundation Glow. These four shades are full sized.

I have really interested on the POLA diem couleur products. It is super unique line to combine colors pigments on your face to let your face skin tone smoother. However recently I rarely use “powder” foundations, and trial/ samples are pretty enough. In AW2019, they release “glow”, the emulsion foundation, it is mine, I felt.

The size of each are the very full size. I bought this tester set from BC of POLA, guess she sold expensively to me, and she was able to earn small. We, Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics do not ship these tester sets to our customers,  please do not ask us.

The way to apply

Diem glow n4

See above wiping in one direction (above) and wiping left and right (bottom). It is different in the blended. When you take in one direction, the color balance is changed. Sometimes strangely pink, or yellow, or white. It really often happen especially #N4.

However due to the way to apply, this “glow” is not good to “swatching”, I admit.


Anyway, we had dealt POLA diem couleur Color Blend Foundation (powder type) as special order as your request, and when they asked me about the shades. I could not told them because I have not used!

Now I can. I have all. Of course they are not perfectly the same, but each are in the same shade zone.

As Pola says, #N3 is the standard shade. “N” means “natural” and “B” means Beige, I am sure.

#N2, #N3, and #N4 are Natural to Pinkish, and #N2 is lighter, and #N4 is darker. They set #N3 for the standard shade.

#B2 is almost the mid lightness of #N2 & #N3, and more Yellow than Natural.

Swatch among diem couleur Color Blend Foundation Glow

Let me show you my swatches.

In the picture below, you may rarely see the difference between #N2 and #N3. In my eyes, #N3 is a little bit more pinkish.

Pola diem n2 n3


In my eyes, #N4 is too much pinkish, and it looked like a blush. However, when it is too pinkish, you shall carefully take other shades to blend. #B2 is not pale, but yellow.

Indeed. For my face, all the four shades are not so much different, especially #N2 and #N3. People told me that when I wear #N4, it is too dark, and in #B2, I am looked bad complexion. Hmm, they are different, slightly.

Here is #N3 and #N4.
Pola diem n3 n4

They are different shades, but the difference of each are quite small. When you are super pale, or when you are super tanned, this POLA is not for you. Generally, Japan is a country of almost mono-race. Japanese makers rarely supply variety of shades. One excluding is Addiction, but the range is not wide. Another excluding is shu uemura, but the current brand owner is L’Oreal. But also they do not have foundation for those who has African origin, at least for Japanese market.

Texture, Covering, Finish and Lasting

The texture is smooth.

It is true that in one scroll of taking this foundation to swatch, it can be too red (in #N line), or too yellow (in #B2), but on my face, it must be at least 4 times scrolling. It coming to more and more natural with blending. You have no need to worry.

The covering is medium to full. I have heard that the powder foundation of diem line is not good covering, but in this “glow”, it covers pretty good.

The finish is natural. There are no odd “glow” or “radiant” effect, I liked it pretty much.

The lasting is sadly I need to admit it is not fair. It is a day of 27C degrees, with nicely breezing. I have done with the shipping of the day, and nothing to obtain for you for today. I am sending the mails to shipping, and uploading products etc. I sweat slightly, and after one hour later, I found, my foundation on my face is almost run. Oh…

It is the very Autumn-Winter products.

I chose #N3, the standard shade and #N2 for my Autumn to Spring.

Glow case

I misunderstood to use this foundation wipe one direction, seems you shall wipe left to right.

Swatch with Albion Excia AL Lifting Emulsion Moist

Swatching with Excia AL Lifting Emulsion Moist #NA201 (in the picture below, it is described as “#N201”, it means #NA201.

Albion Pola

Albion Excia #NA line means “Natural” but pinkish than other Japanese maker’s “Natural”, but in this Pola diem line, it is more ochre.

I tell you about the case, please also read it: POLA diem couleur case.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “POLA diem couleur Color Blend Foundation Glow”.