Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Mild Milk is an oily sunscreen, but no sting

In season of SS2018, Shiseido changed all of the Anessa sunscreens.Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster Mild is Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV (Sunscreen) Mild Milk now.

Note: as of 2019, we due to the postal and aviation regulations, we can not ship this product.

Shiseido claims that there are no alcohol, no perfume, no mineral oil, and no artificial colors in “mild” line. This is designed for sensitive skin, and good for babies and kids. However it is also super waterproof, with Aqua Booster effect, and sand proof effect.

Fantastic, if they are truly truth. I am a person who does not believe cosmetic companies claims.

Anessa has good reputation among Japanese, and there are many sunscreens with more affordable price, but I repeated this line. I mostly repeated “Anessa for Baby”. I think they changed the formula of “Anessa for Baby” to this “Mild” line.

Review by Cherry

This is a 20ml for Perfect UV Mild Milk, I bought it for myself.

SS2017 was an oily

Before talking about SS2018, let me tell you about the previous formula of 2017, I felt it was an oily product.

Anessa Pefect Mild

It was for SS2017, and after their release, for us, we have really big orders of this sunscreen, and as I know, it was one of the best seller among sunscreen genre in Japan, for the person has sensitive skin like me, it was a super good news to have aqua booster & super waterproof & sand proof sunscreen with affordable price.

Indeed, that SS2017 was not pretty good reputation because it made our skin turning whitener, oily, and somehow stinky (the smell of the ingredients).

SS2018, I did not feel anything smell

Anyway, let me share my review for new Anessa Perfect Mild SS2018 with you.

When I opened the bottle, there are no perfume, and this is GREAT! In previous formula, some says it was stinky the smell of the ingredients, even Hazelnuts of Philippines had mentioned as there is a faint scent, but I am not so much remember. In this formula of 2018, I am feeling less scent of something, but in person, it is much better than the “scent of Anessa”.

Anessa on arm

Before dropping this on my arm, I had shaken the bottle well, but because of the new bottle, seems it was not enough, yeah, there are two layers.

Blending on my arm, it is hard to see, but in my eyes, my skin turned a little bit, really a little bit white, and it can be because of the reflection of oil in surface of my skin due to this Anessa Perfect Mild.

Anessa Mild blend

In previous formula, I also felt it is oily and made my skin a little bit whiter, and these bad point are kept in the formula of 2018.

How do you feel with seeing?

This is mild line, I did not hesitate to apply this on my face. Both Anessa Gold and Silver tubes were not bad, but the perfume is not for my preference. The great point of this on my face is there are no perfume. It is also the biggest reason why I repeat ADDICTION Skin Protector.

And on my face of sensitive skin, I did not feel anything irritation, as the same as the previous formula of SS2017.There are neither perfume, nor sting. My current skin condition is not perfect, but better than previous years, and not super damaged so far. In the formula of SS2017, I could use while my skin was super damaged due to the season. I hope in this formula of SS2018 too!

Let me apply water on my arm. This is a super waterproof sunscreen, and repellent well.

Anessa Mild with water

I also need to admit, it is turning to a little bit more white, but not significant. In the season of SS2018, Kanebo released Allie with Friction Proof, to be honest, Anessa Mild SS2017 damaged my bags and clothes. I am afraid of this new Anessa Perfect Mild SS2018 may also damage my bags and clothes, due to this oily texture and significant whiteness with water.

I wiped my wet arm with the green towel. There are no white cast or something to see, but my arm was turned to the natural shade. Probably the mixture of the sunscreen and water is wiped by the towel.

Anessa and towel

I felt this is a really oily sunscreen, about the same as last formula .

When I apply this on my face, I felt it is QUITE oily, and it is getting smoother after few mins, but still oily, I do not say greasy, but powdery and oily, even for my super dry skin. If you are an oil prone, I guess this is not for you. In person, I am wondering Essence Mild Milk, Shiseido claims this Perfect Mild Milk is lighter & smoother, and Essence Mild Milk is moist.

When I use this foundation as a primer, it must be with powder foundation.

Totally to say, it is a good product, but a little bit oily.

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Review by Hazelnuts of Philippines (Formula of 2017)

Hazelnuts of Philippines also bought this sunscreen. She write a review for us. See how she felt.


The heat is always intense in the summer, especially in the tropics, where we get a UV index of 5 or more. As such, sunscreen is always a must-have for me, whether indoors or outdoors.

I tried the Anessa Perfect UV Aqua Booster last year in the original formula, and loved it. But today I will be reviewing the Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster Mild, which is the version suitable for sensitive skin and even for children.

Anessa Aqua Booster Mild 1

As with the original formula, it boasts of the same Aqua Booster Technology that reacts with water or sweat to boost sun protection by 20%.

I judge my sunscreens based on how they feel and react on my skin, and how they protect. Anessa Aqua Booster Mild feels moist and has this soft texture.

Anessa Aqua Booster Mild 2

Yet, it does not feel sticky nor heavy on my face, even if I apply a lot. Due to its texture, it can actually double as moisturizer for my combination skin. It does not leave a white cast when blended, but still has a brightening effect. Aside from making my skin soft, it also blurs my pores slightly so it is a very good makeup base. It has a faint scent; I can hardly detect anything.

Anessa Aqua Booster Mild 3

Now, for the protection. The sun does horrible things to my skin, and I get breakouts sometimes when I get excessive exposure, aside from getting tanned. The sun is strong here no matter what time of day it is, and I must say that this sunscreen delivers well. I get no breakouts even with prolonged sun exposure and I retain my skin color.

It is also easy to wash off; it can be removed with soap and water.

Compared with the original Aqua Booster (gold packaging), the Mild version is more moisturizing. The original one has a more silicone-smooth feel to it. Honestly, I didn’t notice any difference with the sun protection between the two. They both feel comfortable on the skin and provide very good protection.


Thank you! Hazelnuts!

Note: as of 2019, we due to the postal and aviation regulations, we can not ship this product.

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