Personal Review of Sofina Jenne

Cherry’s Personal Review

2010, when Sofina presented this “Jenne”, I (Cherry) was still in my 20s. I tried this product. Because of the starting, they had full bottle jelly with small bottle of lotion2 (moist). I liked it because less perfume (actually there are perfume, but not so strong), and neither oil nor ethanol. The problem was it was too moisted for me.

Last year, I found they have this trial bag, Lotion (1 / 2), Jelly, and sunscreen. (Still I could find this bag sometimes, but everytime the quantities are different, namely one day there were both type, but the next day, there are only Lotion1 bag etc… this is the reason why I gave up to update this bag, and they are not selling in the Net officially. ) Anyhow, I bought this bag and went to travel. It was Winter, but where I went was still in Autumn for me. Hotels were dry (as usual), and finally I found I feel pain with using this line. My skin was too dry to use this lotion2 (no problemed with jelly). Yes, I am not young enough to use this line. I wish I could find this product in my late 10s to early 20s!


Whom Cherry Recommend this line?

I suggest this line for those who are in their late 10s to 20s, especialy early 20s. Attention, this product contains perfume. Lotion1 is for oily skin, and Lotion2 is for combination or dry skin. But I do not think those who has quite dry skin, this product might be not enough. This jelly is my strong recommend for those who likes light moisturaizer and dislikes oily and sticky one.


We do not deal this product regularly. If you want have Sofina Jenne line, please feel free to ask us. We are going to do as custom order.