Comparing Albion Infiness Moisture Milk IA and Ignis VQ Glorious Milk — I like VQ because of the scent :)

Ignis is a branch brand of Albion. VQ is the most high line for Ignis. Infiness is the middle brand for Albion.

Their method is the same and unique: Milk first, lotion second. Third is something (creams or oils etc…) wrapping your face.

First of all, I (Cherry) know how this is unfair battle. See the price of those two… But unfortunately, now, there are no samples/ small bottles of Infiness White Milk or other Ignis milks.

Let’s go!

Infinesse and Ignis

See also my previous review of Infinesse Moisture Milk IA

This VQ Glorious Milk is from VQ Brightening Kit, we chose as Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box April 2015.

I had tried Infinesse Moisture Milk IA before, I know the perfume of this. This perfume is strong floral for me, and this is not for me. Ignis VQ Glorious Milk (I often wonder why cosmetic companies loving to name their products what I can not say without laughing), this perfume is herbal, hmm, I just imaged medicated herbals what is good image for me, in person.

The perfume of Infiness is not for me, but seeing what Japanese reviewers are saying, I found many are saying it is “posh””elegant floral”… Yeah, it is up to person.

You may see the difference significantly. It is the reason why I could show all of the pack of Infiness, this milk is harder.

Apply on my face

Last time, I found using cotton is not pretty bad idea. I loved to apply with cottons. The left was Infiness, the right was Ignis VQ.

It was first time to feel stinger on my cheeks with Exage last time, to be honest I hesitated to apply Infiness & VQ too. It was just an imaginary fear 🙂

There are no stinger on both of the sides of my face. Hope my skin condition is getting better…

There was a surprised thing. As I had mentioned, I guess the quantity of VQ is not the same with Infiness. I had one cottons each of my hands, and used the same time. I used the same Albion cotton, I found it was so quickly to touch  the milk on my right hand. It is quick that the sink speed on cotton of VQ.


Both are oilier. I felt Infiness is more. At least Infiness reminded on my cheek longer than VQ. I guess Infiness Moisture Milk is more oilier than Exage  Milk #3. Maybe VQ is a almost the same to less oilier than Exage #3.

When I use Excia milks, I need to apply cream or other items to cover not evaporating. Both Infiness and VQ are enough oily, I guess I should use those, but I do not need to rush.

I like its finish too. Smoother than before I used, but I have to admit it is oilier finish. If you like just smooth finish, I don’t recommend both.

Bottom Lime
I like the herbal perfume of VQ, but some are saying Infiness has elegant scent. If you prefer herbal smell, VQ is for you, like me.

It was good to have no sting with Infiness and VQ on my damaged and sensitive skin. I guess if you are not having extremely sensitive skin, most of you may be able to use these with comfortable.

Infiness is harder texture, but more oilier than VQ,  VQ is runny, and it sinks (on cotton )  quickly.

If you are looking for oily emulsions, you may like both. I prefer VQ more than Infiness, the perfume and runny texture.

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