Ignis Whitening Milk (medicated)

Ignis is by Albion. In April 2020, they changed the full formula of Ignis.

Ignis Whitening Milk is a medicated product, the brightening factor is L Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside.

If you are not familiar with Albion/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte skin care method, please check this article: Albion Skin Care Method.

I got some samples of Ignis Whitening Milk #2, and I satisfied with it. I decided to bought Ignis Whitening Milk #1, for my mid summer using.

There is a plastic virgin seal for new product.

They say #1 is lighter, and estimated skin type is oily – normal – combination. Please pay attention for those who are feeling yourself is an oil prone, it’s a rich and thick emulsion that is supposed to be made of oil. I do not recommend for Albion/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte Milk/ Emulsion.

How different between Ignis Whitening Milk #1 & Ignis Whitening Milk #2?

There was still one sample of Whitening Milk #2, I decided to compare to use.

Ignis whitening milk

They say #1 is lighter and #2 is richer. Indeed I am feeling there are no big difference! NO DIFFERENCE, I felt. Actually, there may be slight difference, but I did not able to feel it.

Both are easy to be smoother, I didn’t feel sticky or greasy when I applied it, but I can tell that it immediately made my skin moist.

Generally how cherry use Ignis Whitening Milk #1?

The estimated quantity is 3 pushes. Indeed when you feel it is too much, you can use less than 3 pushes, and of course when you feel it is not enough, you can add as much as you want.

I know there are people who often have something break out or have small blemishes with too much for your skin, please change the quantity lesser.

Also, Albion (Ignis is a part of Albion) recommends to use cotton to apply their milks/ emulsions. In the pictures, I use with cotton to show. In person, I am abrading that cottons are scratching my skin surface. I rarely use cotton with using them. I take the milk on my hands directly and apply gently and wrap my face by my hands. The general quantity is 1 push for whole of my face. But when I want to moisturise my skin condition more and more, I take the milk on cottons (2 pushes each) and leave few mins to be masked. When my skin is not damaged, it works.

In mid summer, I often feel Albion/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte products are too much. I rarely use them in morning, I often use in night. Because it’s made by Albion, the milk is meant to gain back moisture after washing the face. I find that it does its job quite well.

When it is getting colder and drier, the rich emulsion wraps around my skin and makes it soft and comfortable.

So I do like this milk, I find it soothing, and thick without being sticky. Excellent for when I want an extra boost of moisture.


Comparing Ignis Whitening Milk #1 and Albion Excia Brightening Rich Milk

Brightening Rich Milk is new for SS2021.

ignis excia

The quantity is 3 pushes each. As I had thought, Ignis side is a little bit lighter.

Comparing Ignis Whitening Milk #1 and Albion Infinesse White Pump Milk

Albion Infinesse White Pump Milk is also using L Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside as a brightening factor.

Ignis whitening milk

In this comparison, I pushed 3 times for the Ignis, and I took almost the same quantity by looking of the Infinesse. Probably the punctual quantity may be different.

In person, I am feeling the scent of Infinesse is strong, and not for me. I prefer the scent of Ignis.

Both are pretty easy to be smoothed, but I felt Ignis side is a little bit lighter.

Comparing Ignis Whitening Milk #2 and Ignis Whitening Premium Milk

Ignis whitening premium milk

As I described on the Whitening Premium Milk article, I also did not feel big difference between the “premium” and #2. The same scent zone, and the same brightening factor. So, I was satisfied with “Whitening Milk”, and this is valuable.

Comparing with Ignis Moisturizing Milk #01

Ignis is designed to change products in seasons, Whitening line is for Spring-Summer, and Moisturizing line is for Autumn-Winter.

Ignis Comparison

I felt it is not big difference between Whitening Milk #01 and Moisturizing Milk #01. So, if you are loving to use this Ignis Whitening Milk, I don’t think you need to switch it to Moisturizing Milk.