Ignis VQ BRIGHTENING CLEANSING N removes completely, with nice scent

Ignis is by Albion, and compared with Albion’s “Albion” lines, “Ignis” is a brand of “good price”, but the price level of VQ is mid of Infinesse and Excia AL.

I bought a kit, and there is a full bottle of Ignis VQ Brightening Cleansing N, a creamy makeup remover.

ignis kit

It is one of the reasons why I bought is that I used a sample and liked this makeup remover so much.


I am a person stupidly attracted by the magic words like “organic” “herbal” etc… yes, next magical brand is Ignis for me now…

I (Cherry) got a sample of Ignis VQ BRIGHTENING CLEANSING N. Let me share with you my personal review.

This is a cream makeup remover. In my experience, oil makeup removers or cream makeup removers are MUCH better than milk/ gel / liquid removers.

Foundation Primer: SUQQU Lighting Liquid
Foundation: RMK Creamy Foundation N (102)
Eyeshadow: SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow
Mascara: Facio
Lip: Lunasol Liquid Lips
Blush: Lunasol
Eyeliner: THREE Shadow Performance Eyeliner
Letters: Kanebo Coffret D’or Super Sharp WP


OK, here you are.

Left: Before removing
Mid: 2-3 times touch
Right: Removed

It was a cold day, and I almost scratched by the cotton. My arm was turning to red 🙁 Apply A LOT on your face, and gently touching by your hands, you can remove your makeup. It will be just oily (dirty oil…) on your face, your makeup will be removed. Wiping by tissues or rinse well by water. My recommend is using face wash too.

After removing my makeup, I felt my skin was nicely moist. 🙂

The perfume is herbal. This is another nice point. I like this scent.

Frankly to say, I am an oil makeup remover  user, oil removers are  quick to remove my makeup. Cream removers are not quicker than oil removers. I use removers at bath time. Not showering time. Hmm. This is the bad point.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Ignis VQ Brightening Cleansing N. Wanna order in Japanese Yen? Why don’t you visit our JPY Branch?