Cosme Decorte HYDRA CLARITY Treatment Essence Water (Medicated)

Kose released new line, Hydra Clarity under Cosme Decorte in SS2022.

Cosme Decorte skin care method is the same with Albion (a sister company of Kose). If you are not familiar with it, please see this article: Albion Skin Care Method.

The unique point of this line, they focus on this lotion, Cosme Decorte HYDRA CLARITY Treatment Essence Water (Medicated). Generally they focus on their emulsion/ softener.

I got samples, I didn’t feel bad, so in Sep 2023, I purchased it for my Autumn skin care.

I am feeling this line is for oily skin, I had thought it can be not for me. But it is more than expected.

The lotion/ toner is runny, and transparent.


I am quite sensitive for the products with Ethanol/ Alcohol, I often feel sting with products with Alcohol/ Ethanol (like Albion Skin Conditioner Essential N). Indeed excluding Skin Conditioner, I rarely feel stinging by Albion/ Cosme Decorte products.

The good point is there are no sing nor sensation.

Cosme Decorte is not a brand of “natural”, “organic” and “herbal”, and the scent in this Hydra Clarity line is artificially, but I don’ t hate it.

It moisturized my skin pretty good. I can use this lotion without anything moisturisers under heat.

It is medicated products for rough skin, but when you feel something sensation or irritation, it means it is not for you. I use medicine, my skin condition is so bad. The purpose of this product is keeping my skin condition better.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Cosme Decorte Hydra Clarity Line”.