Lancome Torn Up Milk & BB Complete 2, I like BB2 more than Torn Up Milk

Lamcome itself is a French brand, but they have big laboratory in Japan. They are focusing on Japanese Skin, and localise. They say some are sold those “made in Japan” or “made FOR Japanese” among Asia-Pasiffic area or at Japan only.

Formula of 2019

In SS2019, Lancome changed their formula of UV Expert line (or unified their line in the same design).

In the article below, “UV Expert Torn Up Milk” was mega hit product of 2018 in Japan. Seems they have changed it to “UV Expert Torn Up Milk Pearly White”. And in this article below, there is “BB Complete #02”, as long as watching in the website, this BB#02 is now “UV Expert BB Complete 2 (ala BB 2 n)”, and the shade is not changed.

Also, there is “UV Expert XL” on the bottom of the article, this is the formula of 2014, and in the formula of 2019, there follower of this products are “UV Expert Milky Bright (aka Clear n)” or “UV Expert Aqua Gel (ala Aqua n)”. Guess Aqua Gel is more lighter texture than Milky Bright, I am sure.

UV Expert Torn Up Milk & BB Complete 2 (written in 2018)

As I had mentioned, it is Allie BB what is often ordered for this SS2018, but actually the total asking of custom order, Lancôme Torn Up Milk beats everything among new for SS2018. Finally we decided to upload on the store.

Lancome UV Expert

We deal Torn Up Milk what are made in Japan.

lancome bottle the other side

A friend of mine had bought it for herself, kindly she allowed me to use and review it. We got a sample of BB Complete #02, I show you them in once while our obsession for the customers.

Lancome BB

My experience with Lancome sunscreens

I had used to be repeating Lancôme sunscreens, because I rarely feel sting by them. But one bad point is the sweet floral perfume. I found Addiction also sells no irritation sunscreen without perfume, and even Shiseido and Kanebo are releasing for sensitive skin. Please see also these articles, ADDICTION Skin Protector, Shiseido Anessa Mild Sunscreen, and Kanebo Allie BB.

Anyway, I had good experience with Lancôme sunscreens, and I expected this Torn Up Milk and BB may be nice to me too.


I had checked my blog whether I had written about previous formula of Lancôme BB, but could not. Previously, the BB by Lancôme was wired shade, grey. It made my face as if I were a dead. No joke. Extremely wired and this is the reason why we stopped dealing. And in this current formula, among “BB”, there are simple BB & BB#02 what I use in this time. Seeing the product page (not us, original Lancome store), the shade of BB is still grey.


Anyway let me apply both on my arm.
The Torn Up Milk is white one, and BB is a natural shade.

Lancome on arm

Both have the same scent, the very Lancôme sunscreen, they did not change it. It is not fantastic in person.

Swatch on arm. The Torn Up Milk is whiter, the very old school sunscreens. The BB looks not bad.

Lancome Blending

Blending, Torn Up Milk made my arm oddly white. S-P-R-E-A-D, to be not oddly white. On the other hand, the BB side is nice, natural.

“Torn Up”?? Guess BB#02 is nice looking, I felt

Uh, finally I guess I could blend the Torn Up Milk not wired look.

Lancome Blended

On my face, of course I did not apply then half and half of my face! I did it other days. The Torn Up Milk is typical sunscreen easy to let your face white in perfectly bad meaning. This IS the VERY “Torn Up” what they say. I S-P-R-E-A-D-E-D on my face carefully, or if you feel still odd, I give you a tissue to soak the extra sunscreen on your face.

Probably I may too old to chase popularity. I often travel alone in Asia, I am pretty loving to see faces on the street with sitting on caffe. You may see they are often non makeup faces even young girls, and when you find the ladies wearing foundations with far from fitting their shades of necks. In my Japanese view point and value, I often feel If I were them, I may choose at least one torn, or even two turns darker too boost my own beauty.

Please do not misunderstand me. It is not personal attacking, simply cultural or even generational difference.

Guess this Torn Up Milk is for a demand of them. I asked the owner of this sunscreen, it is the very she was disappointed. There are some foundation primers or color controls looks our face brighter naturally. She had thought this one is also, but not. For the demand like us, I preferred to use the BB.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying I found many are saying “not too whiteness”, uh. I agree it does not make my face not too much whiteness, if I soak extra sunscreen on my face. Uh. They also say it is “naturally bright up without pearls or glitters”. Oh. I show you the blended picture again.

Lancome Blended

I agree with there are no glitters/ pearls. Indeed, still I feel BB#02 is much naturally make my skin shade one torn healthier.

Texture and lasting

Anyway, back to the Torn Up Milk and BB #02, the texture are the same I am sure. Super light, but no dryness. They kept my face well moisturized. And of course no irritation. This is the reason why I had liked and repeated Lancome sunscreens. When it is Summer, it could be oilier, but I am not sure.

The lasting of BB #02, it is not pretty bad. There are so many bad lasting liquid/ cream foundations, it ran out, of course ran out, but it was not pretty ugly.

Totally to say, in my view point of value, I felt BB #02 is more better to be “torn up” than the Torn Up Milk. The scent is not for me, but it is gentle for my skin.

Lancome UV Expert XL (Written in 2014)

I (Cherry) bought large size of Lancome UV Expert XL for myself.

Lancome UV Expert XL

This is a 50ml, large and exclusive size. What we deal regularly is 30ml of this.

Let me show you my review.

The “cream” itself is yellow-white. It has perfume, but not stinky.

I liked Lancome sunscreens so long, because I often feel sting by sunscreens, and I feel it from Lancome sunscreens, but it is not quite strong.

And it rarely turn my skin wired color 🙂

Recently, I often spray water after applying sunscreens, but seems I did not. I took this photos long ago 🙁

Just let you know that this sunscreen has no waterproof effect. It is good for foundation primer, I often used last year, even mid of Summer. I felt it turns to my skin a little bit oilier, indeed.

I need to tell you one thing. I feel sting by this sunscreen.

Now, I know there are some sunscreens I do not feel sting by them, like ADDICTION Skin Protector. Still I like Lancome, but I may not turn to this formula.


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