Awake Daily Glow Liquid Hydrator is more than expected! No sensation!

Awake (by Kose) is one of the best seller among us, they changed the formula in Feb 2018.

“Awake Herbal Vitalizing” line (ageing care line) is now “Awake Hydro Vitalizing Skincare” line, I am sure. Guess Awake Herbal Vitalizing Feel Hydrator is now, Awake Daily Glow Liquid Hydrator.

I used samples, and decided to buy a full bottle for the Summer of 2019 :). We are extremely busy right now to renewing the store, I do not change the pictures.

Review by Cherry

Previously, the “Herbal” line were attractive for me, but it was true that  my skin is too sensitive to use. I had done no plan to use new formula of the skin care, but the Awake “Shot” are nice for me, and also they are pretty often asked. I had decided to buy a trial (sample) kit to know with hesitating, but after using this “Daily Glow Liquid Hydrator”, I changed my mind. It is a nice lotion.


When I opened the package, I found something “bitter” scent, it reminded me grapefruits peal’s essential oil or something, just checked the ingredients, there are neither grapefruits or orange kind oils/ essences. It can be from the perfume and Castor oil, they have.

The lotion/ toner is runny, and they insist oils are dissolved, but seems there are no oils drops, probably oils are dissolved to Alcohol. I am quite sensitive for the products with Ethanol/ Alcohol, I often feel sting with products with Alcohol/ Ethanol (like Albion Skin Conditioner Essential).

The good point is there are no sing nor sensation.

Sometimes “natural”, “organic” and “herbal” skincare items are too strong and give me sting or sensation, but in this 2018 formula of Awake, they insists “botanical”, but neither “natural” nor “organic”, it can be better for my skin.

It moisturized my skin pretty good. Seems this blue “Hydro Vitalizing” are for the firming/ lifting or make our tired skin supple, fortunately still my skin’s suppleness is 20s level, and it is not so much tired.

I felt it is quite nice product for me, but I do not know if you are oily. I am in the dry season of the mid of the Winter, I am in the warm air-conditioned room for a day, or walking under the dried wind, both inside and outside, there are no humidity. My general skin condition is dryness, and the climate of the season is definitely “dry”.

Currently, there are so “MANY” skincare products what are waiting for my reviews, this Awake Daily Glow Hydrator is the first line to be bought.

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Review by Sarah of HK

I have asked Sarah of HK to tell us how she felt with using a sample.

I’m very pleased with the moisturising power of the Awake hydrator.

At first it gives this oily feeling which I personally don’t mind because I apply oil anyway every morning and evening. But later it is absorbed so quickly by the skin that the oily feeling instantly goes away.

I used the product in the morning and the hydration stayed for the whole day. It is particularly nice for a person who has very dry skin. The only thing I’m not sure about is the lavendar scent. While it’s nice and light, I generally avoid scented products. Just a personal preference.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Awake Lotions & Creams.


Here is the Ingredients list what I copy and paste to Google Translation, the purpose is only for your helping your understanding.

Water · BG · glycerin · ethanol · DPG · PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil · olive fruit oil · caninabara fruit oil · rice germ oil · ascorbyl dipalmitate · honeysuckle flower extract · tocopherol · jojoba seed oil · European beech bud extract · EDTA-2Na · PEG-10 hydrogenated castor oil · isostearic acid PEG-50 hydrogenated castor oil · olive fatty acid ethyl · oleic acid phytosteryl · citric acid · corn germ oil · 2Na phosphoric acid · phenoxyethanol · fragrance

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Awake Lotions & Creams.