Asalift — not for me, in person. We accept your custom order

Frankly to say, I (Cherry) was wondered whether I write about this series or not. As an honest person, I should write about this product and what happen.

I chose this brand because one of my friends likes.

astalift white

I used Astalift white line the picture above , and secondly I tried Astalift products the picture below: Makeup remover, face wash, and Astalift Jelly Aqualista, Astalift Lotion, Astalift Essence Destiny, and Astalift Cream.


I had mentioned many times, my skin is not tough. I often feel stinger with cosmetics. When I used both Astalift White and Astalift  products, there were no sting for me. It was good point.

Before talking about my review, I need to say, I guess the active ingredient of “astaxanthin” is not fit to me, and there are no perfect product for any of the person.

I am a kind of scared to use this brand, but it is not always meaning this brand is bad for you.

Quick reviews excluding Jelly Aqualista

Astalift Cleansing Gel

I (Cherry) also bought a small kit of Astalift.
Let me share with my personal review of Astalift Cleansing Gel.

Of course this size is a trial size. I do not have both time and budgets to purchase and review full bottles.


This red color is by Lycopene, and this color is common among “Astalift” brand.

Let me share show you on my arm.

Foundation: Lunasol Water Cream Foundation
Eyeshadow: SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow EX23 Tsukianzu
Blush: Lunasol
Mascara: Facio Smart Curl Mascara W Curl
Eyeliner: THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil
Letters: Coffret D’or Black Keep Liner WP


Look. There are many cleansing gels I had tried, but most of they are not pretty much good at removing waterproof items, just for your information, all the eyeliners and mascara I show you in this picture are waterproof! I have satisfied with this result. Good Job!

But to be honest, I felt I need to scratch my skin by cotton, on that point, this is not pretty good for me.

If you do not wear waterproof items, this is pretty enough, I am sure.


Astalift Moisture Foam is no tight/ dry face wash 🙂

I (Cherry) used Astalift Moisture Foam, this is a trial size.

Astalift Moisture Foam

The paste is also “red”.

It is so easy to make bubble. See how rich it is! I just used cold water.

Astalift Moisture Foam

This is pretty nice isn’t it?

The perfume is not strong, and this is also attractive for me. After washing my face, I often feel face washes make my face drier. Afterward of this Astalift Moisture Foam, I did not feel anything tight or dry. That’s nice.

We have already stopped to dealing Astalift products regularly. If you want us to deal them, please feel free to ask us. We are glad to go a custom order. Please do not forget to tell us the quantity you want to have ( we guess more than 3 packages are better), and the country of where we need to ship. We need them to calculate the price.

We are going to send an Invoice through Paypal.

Astalift White Lotion

This lotion itself is red. RED!? Yes. The color is by Lycopene, this color is common among this “Astalift” brand.

There are some products focusing on brightening, it means not make your skin whither, but it is just saying “helping your skin to keep not tanned”. This “Astalift White Lotion” is including Arbutin, according to the brand, Arbutin prevent glowing melanin.

I used this product, for 5 days, the trial bottle is set as for 5 days. I do not know whether my skin is getting brighter. But there are some good point of this product. There are some brightening products which are not enough to moist my skin, but this product make moist my skin well. It maybe because this “Astalift” brand is for anti-aging brand. And it has perfume, but not strong, I do not love it but I do nether hate this perfume, which reminds me tomato (famous as rich Lycopene).

Astalift White Essence Infilt

astalift white

The White Essence Infilt is the tube in the trial package above.

The red color is common color among “Astalift” brand, this is from Lycopene.

This essence is a product designed as using after your lotion. You may see it is not oily product. Apply whole of your face.

Frankly to say, as brightening essence thing, I prefer pin point focusing products like Sofina White Professional (Stick). Because if whole of my face is brighter, you will find MUCH easy to find my freckles (this is one of the reasons why I do not recommend to use lighter color as your foundation). This is a problem. So, I prefer use brightening products focusing on my freckles, and let them go.

So, I used this product on my problem parts, scar marks of acne and mosquito bitten, spots by tanning. I do not know whether it is working or not. Sofia White Professional Stick worked pretty well, I feel, but when I stop using Sofina, I find some of my freckles are coming back. So far, as using this Astalift White Essence Infilt, I do not think most of my freckles which are hidden by Sofina are not appeared. Maybe it is working on my skin. Of course it is just I am feeling, and none can promise it will work for you.

The perfume is the same as its lotion, not pretty stinky for me. When I applied this product whole of my face, I did not feel my face is drier, but frankly to say, I need oil factor.

Astalift Perfect UV Protector, Sunscreen

I (Cherry) got a sample of Astalift Perfect UV Protector.
Let me share with you my personal review of this sunscreen.
Astalift Perfect UV Protector

This sunscreen has SPF 50+, PA++++ effect. This is great, and seems this is neither waterproof nor water resistance, but it is enough for daily use, I am sure.

Let me spread this on my arm. The color is beige-pink color. This is so soft, or some people will say runny. It is light texture and easy to spread.

Astalift Perfect UV Protector

See my arm.

Astalift Perfect UV Protector

The color of this sunscreen never effect to change my skin color/ torn. And I guess it is hard to see there are small glitters/ tints. Seems this is not for your body, but for your face. These small shinning effect will help you to hide your pore. I guess it will also work as foundation primer.

I often feel pain/ stinger by using sunscreen. When I applied this product on my face, my skin condition was pretty good, and I did feel nothing pain because of this product. It also has perfume, but not stinky.

Totally to say, there are lots of sunscreens make me feel uncomfortable, but this Astalift sunscreen is not that kind. Frankly to say, it is winter when I tried, I can never say it will protect your skin. If you are looking for sunscreens rarely make you feel sting, this is try worth, we are sure.

We have already stopped to dealing Astalift products regularly. If you want us to deal them, please feel free to ask us. We are glad to go a custom order. Please do not forget to tell us the quantity you want to have ( we guess more than 3 packages are better), and the country of where we need to ship. We need them to calculate the price.

We are going to send an Invoice through Paypal.


This red/ orange color is from Lycopene, and this is a common color among this Astalift brand.

astalift cream

My skin is drier now, and it is winter now. It is dry season in Japan. I am feeling I need some oils, but this Astalift White Lotion, and Essence Infilt have less oil. I had expected this cream might be with oil.

No. I am feeling this cream is wrapping my skin (in good meaning), but it is not enough oily for me. While I am in the place, less heating nor wind, it is enough. But when I am in windy outside, or too much heating place, this cream is not enough.

It is good season that is Autumn to Winter to brighten my tanned skin during Summer. But for me, in person this cream is for Summer.

If you are looking for a cream which are not pretty much oily but wrapping, this is one of the products which I recommend for you.

Astalift Lotion

Lotion made my skin moist more than Astalift White Lotion.

Essence Destiny

I could not understand the point of Essence Destiny, to be honest.


The cream is also kept my skin moist well.

What happened to me on Spring 2015?

Jelly Aqulista was interesting. It was truly jelly. I was afraid that it will remain on my skin, but no problem. It gets white, and could not see.

However while I used Astalift products, my skin was getting problem: with small but lots of pimples, super dry etc…

Finally I needed to visit my dermatologist. She asked my recent health condition like stomachache and what did I do something unusual, like changing cosmetics etc… I said I had stomachache, and  I am using Astalift, it is new for me. She never said it is because of my changing cosmetics. She gave me ointments to use and see. I had thought I need to back to my routine skincare; Fancl and few Albion items which I had never got problem with their skincare.

I used her ointments, and back to Fancl and Albion. Simply I did remove my makeup, face wash, lotion and emulsion. My skin is getting better and better. I often get acnes before my period, but last month, there were less acnes. I went to a cosmetic counter, and check my skin condition. My skin is not only less water, but also less oil. Anyway, my skin is better than while I went to Astalift.

When you customers asked me about things, I often tell you “there are no perfect cosmetics for any person”. It could be because of timing, my health condition was not good, if I would have used Fancl those days, I could have gotten such bad skin condition. But there are tons of cosmetics I have to try to review for you. There are no time and budget to use Astalift again for me.

Astalift itself has good reputation among Japan. I have to say again, there are no perfect cosmetics for anyone. Just guess this is not for me. If you are thinking you have sensitive skin, I can not recommend you to use. And it is also meaning that the products what are bad for me are not always also bad for you.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta (formula of 2015) what is also not for me

I (Cherry) had crush of my skin in this Spring, and as I had mentioned, it was while I used Astalift, whole line. My dermatologist never mentioned it is because of my changing cosmetics to Astalift, and according to her, it often happen to people, super dry and sunny season of early Spring. What happened is what happen, and I do not check whether it is because of Astalift, or which product of Astalift harmed me, or… just I used wrong season.

As I had told you, there are no perfect cosmetics for all the people.

Anyway, I had no plan to spare budget for Astalift again, but checking items in the drugstores, I found this box.
astalift Jelly Aquarista
I knew Astalift changed their famous Jelly Aquarysta, and seemed they are selling the sample box on physical stores only (makers often change items each of the sales channels). It was not cheap, but I could share with this with not only girls behind me, but also customers in Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box! This is the reason why we chose it.

Let me share with this.

The Way to use

The way to use: apply this Jelly Aquarysta every morning and night, just after your face wash.

Let me show you on my palm. You may guess this is just a gel or something, but It was almost melting on my palm, because after I took it on my palm, my camera was shut down automatically, I needed to re-start it.

Seemed it was not easy to see, let me show you on my back hand. This is not a full quantity of one sample pack. It was really few quantity, and I touched it few times.

Astalift Back Hand

After applying this. I guess you may see my back hand is a little bit shinny. After using this, my skin is smooth, and far from sticky. It is far from oily product.

This red color is by astaxanthin, what is good for anti-aging, according to the maker.


On my face, I felt my face line is a little bit lifting up. Oh! But some could fell uncomfortable it is unnatural. I used Fancl Active Conditioning Basic Lotion & Emulsion #02 Moist, after this. To be honest, it was easier to “pour” Fancl to my face than Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV, what is also the item of “apply before your lotion, just after your face wash”. (See also Albion Skin Care Method).

For me, so far, there are no sting. It was the first day.

It happened on the third day

The second day, I used it day & night, and there are no problem. The third morning, I found problem on my mirror. There are no pain, but there quite small rashes whole of my face. What happened? I just remind my face just before my crush. Those days, my skin condition was better, but one day it turned to QUITE bad, it was the very the sand castle is collapsing down. It is the same!

I used Fancl’s basic line for more than a decade, and this new formula of Fancl Active Conditioning Basic Lotion & Emulsion for more than 2 weeks, and Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV is for 6 months. They are no problem so far. And Awake Vital Express is new for me too, but using it for 2 weeks, and I am feeling it is working better on my red part of my cheeks. I feel really moody and my skin condition is bad just before my period, just PMS. But it will take for almost 2 weeks to get next one. I used this product with my recent routine, and it was good condition. I felt my skin is getting really better.

Should I take photo of me? ah. it can make me moody… I wanna keep myself as a happy girl! You know, I wanted to take photo of me to show you how my red part are getting better with using Awake Vital Express! Oh no. I was forced to back to few months ago, I found how bad my skin condition was!

One possibility is I am an allergic. It can be an allergic reaction for something.

I say again, there are no perfect cosmetics for all the people. I also guess, when it is bad for me, it is not always meaning it is also bad for you. I have a sensitive skin.

I am sending mails for the people who bought Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box, Oct 2015, to let them know what happened to me. Seems none of the packages are not delivered to the customers yet.

Checking reviews

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, this is the first month of this new formula, and it is enough to know enough reactions, some says: it is really supple skin! moist pretty well! This formula is much better than previous!

Generally there are good reputation, and finally I could find someone got sting when she was on the period. Checking the review for previous formula with picking bad reviews, seems there are some people got rush, pimples, itchy etc. And seeing that, it often happened the second day or the third day.

It can be really good for some, but for the other it can work really bad. Seems I am too sensitive to use.

I wondered whether we are keep dealing this or not, we keep doing, because seeing there are people who really love this product and brand. Even it is bad for me, it is not always meaning bad for you.

Fourth day

After I stop using Astalift, there are no rushes in my face. It is not smooth…

I had written everything what happened to me

It is EVERYTHING what I experienced with this product, and there are no plan to check what ingredients acted bad for me. It may be just waste of my time and money. If you can pay for me to do that , it is not pretty much expensive, just USD5,000,000,000 or something,  I will glad to find the place to know, and check to show you 🙂 Thank you!

Seems I need to tell you what helped my skin getting better last time.

I say again, there are no perfect products for all the person. For me, Astalift is not for me.

We had stopped dealing this brand. But if you want us to ship to you, please feel free to ask us. We are going to calculate the price, and send you an Invoice. Please tell us the country we need to ship (due to calculate the shipping cost), the specific product name, and the quantity.

The expenses —

  • The bottle price: 60g JPY15,700
  • Shipping & Handling (depending on the weight and the destination) is more than JPY2,500 or more.

They can be changed as the situation.