SUQQU Lucent Powder Foundation covers pretty well

SUQQU released new powder foundation ”SUQQU Lucent Powder Foundation” for SS2017.

I got a sample of this, the shade is #102, the standard shade.

Just let you know that sometimes we are asked by people who want to have/ buy samples, but we are not always having, and Japanese makers often make samples the standard shades only.

Anyway the foundation. You may see how small particles, they are. There are so many affordable foundations, but their particles are not small like these high brands.

SUQQU Lucent foundation

Anyway, let me apply.

I had wear those.

SUQQU Powder Foundation

Let me blend.

SUQQU Foundation

I had applied heavier layer to show, but it was not easy to show…

Anyway, this is quite natural finish, and no or less glitters. The very Japanese preference foundation. With the combination of the Refining Primer, it covers pretty well.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, this is called as “no pore foundation” with the combination with the Refining Primer. Some mentioned this foundation is coming to glory after hours (and I did not find that).

Lasting well

I combined it with Refining Primer, and walked for 2 hours or more. There are no deteriorate. It is 15C degrees or so, warm, sunny and dry (as in Japan) day, but no sweat. So far, I am feeling it lasts well, and Hazelnuts of Philippines will review this foundation under the hot & humid country of Philippines. I am looking forward to see how she felt :))

Using Anessa Facial Perfect, aka “Anessa Golden Tube” as a primer, I walked for 1 hour. There are also no deteriorate. It was 13C degrees, humid, cloudy day, but no sweat.

Probably, this foundation is lasting well for most of the person, I am sure.

Please check the latest price, choose your shade, and order from here: SUQQU Lucent Powder Foundation